Who is Shaima on Wikipedia?

Who is Shaima on Wikipedia?
Who is Shaima on Wikipedia?

Who is Shaima on Wikipedia?After the fame that actress Shaima Ali achieved during her artistic career with diligence and follow-up, by participating in a large number of series and plays that achieved her stardom in Kuwait and the Arab region, many of the artist’s followers are trying to learn the details of her private life, so we will try in the next lines of The contents of the site get to know her, her biography, her age, her husband’s name, and the most important awards she received.

Who is Shaima on Wikipedia?

Shaima Ali, an Iranian actress affiliated with the Gulf artists, lives in KuwaitBorn of an Iranian father and a Kuwaiti mother, she began her artistic career through the series Paths of Doubt in 1999. Her main launch was through the series Jarh Al-Zaman in 2001, and then completed her artistic career and presented many roles in soap operas and theatre.[1]

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Shaima Ali Biography

In the following, we will provide the most important personal information about the Iranian actress, Shaima Ali, as follows:

  • Full name: Shaima Ali Hussein, chief of Najaf.
  • date of Birth: September 21, 1981.
  • place of birth: Kuwait.
  • the age: 40 years old
  • Nationality: She holds Iranian citizenship.
  • Native language: Arabic.
  • Marital status: married
  • husband name: Bader Al Darwish.
  • Number of Children: Three children are Ahmed, Nour and Zain.
  • Occupation: an actress.
  • Activist years: Since 1999 until now.

How old is Shaima Ali?

Shaima Ali was born in Kuwait on September 21, 1981 AD. That is, she is forty years old. During her education, she obtained a secondary education certificate, and joined the world of acting in 1999 at the age of eighteen. During her artistic career, she played many roles in drama and theater, and her brother is the actor Aqil Raisi.

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Who is Shaima’s husband on Wikipedia?

The artist, Shaima Ali, is married to Mr. Badr Al-Darwish. Their marriage took place on February 3, 2015, and she announced her retirement from art after her marriage contract, until she returned from retirement in the year 2017, through the Pommana series with the great Kuwaiti artist Hayat Fahd, and her marriage to Badr Al-Darwish resulted in three children, the child Ahmed And the baby light and the baby girl Zain.

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Awards won by Shaima Ali

Actress Shaima Ali won many awards during her career, including:

  • Best Actress Award for a Second Role from the Excellence Festival in Ramadan for Television Creativity in 2009.
  • Best Actress Award for a second role from the Distinguished Festival in Ramadan for Television Creativity in 2011 for the series Al-Adeed.
  • Best Actress Award for a second role from the Ramadan Excellence Festival for Television Creativity in 2012, for the series “Le Baqi Laila”.

The most important dramas of actress Shaima Ali

During her artistic career, actress Shaima Ali presented many bloody books, including:

  • Marginalized hearts.
  • Strong world.
  • Game days.
  • Anything university.
  • Big Love.
  • Hwana story

And after he finished our article, Who is Shaima on Wikipedia? Finally, we got to know actress Shaima Ali and her biography, as well as her age, her husband’s name, the most important awards she received, and the most important dramas in which she participated.

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