Training sessions and friendly matches are an alternative to meeting the youth in the league

Training sessions and friendly matches are an alternative to meeting the youth in the league
Training sessions and friendly matches are an alternative to meeting the youth in the league

From the intense training of the first football team in Bidiya Club


Bidya’s team has intensified its field preparations to compete in the first-class football competitions for the current season, whose competitions will start on Monday, within a strong group that includes Al-Ettifaq, Al-Shabab, Al-Khaboura, Fanja, Salalah and Al-Wahda clubs. After the club contracted him to compete in the league, he began his first serious steps to prepare the football team through an intensive training plan that continued without stopping for a month and a half, which included the implementation of training sessions in the presence of the team’s foreign professionals who were contracted for the benefits of the football season, in addition to players who were Their selection from the club’s youth and neighboring clubs.

Egyptian coach Hamada Zamek said in an exclusive interview with “Oman Sports”: At the outset, I thank the Bidya Club’s board of directors for giving me confidence and choosing me as a coach for the first team.

The coach indicated that since receiving this difficult task, he hopes to make a qualitative leap for Bidya’s team, as he was able to sign four professional players from Egypt, most notably the player Muhammad Hammam, the former Jaalan player, Muhammad Al-Zweiri, the Jordanian star of Aqaba, and Mahmoud Al-Helbawi, the Libyan star of Andalusia, and the playmaker Ahmed Salah from the club. Ismailia Al-Masry as well as good players from the clubs of the Sultanate of Oman.

Concerning his aspirations, Bidya coach said: Certainly, the First Division League in the Sultanate of Oman is one of the strong competitions that possesses highly competitive elements, especially the current season, and with God’s help and success, I worked to create homogeneity in my team through the wonderful squad that awaits the start of the first matches with Al Shabab Club tomorrow, Monday, in Al Rustaq Complex. We will make a double effort to win the result of the first match, which will undoubtedly satisfy the fans, relying on the fighting spirit of the players and their determination to win, as well as my great reliance on the grandfather that was made by fitness coach Mokhtar Abdo Al-Saeed, who has many certificates and skills from FC and is a distinguished coach in the Premier League in the Republic of Egypt Al-Arabiya, along with guards coach Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel-Moaty, is also among the medical staff, Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Dhahab, and he has extensive experience in providing health and psychological care to players through his previous experiences in the Saudi Al-Hazm Club.


For his part, Saeed bin Rashid Al-Hajari, president of Bidiya Club, said: Tomorrow we are looking forward to the first league match for the new brand with a high spirit of hope. The first football team, led by coach Hamada Zamek, gave him full confidence in making a qualitative leap. Indeed, through our daily follow-up to the training and the intensive sessions he carried out in the presence of the main team members and the reserve, we see the change, as he put good technical touches that we expect to appear during the kickoff tomorrow. On the field to the delight of the fans hungry to win their first match away from home.

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