Urgent.. Who is United Tobacco? Do you follow a sovereign authority in Egypt?

Urgent.. Who is United Tobacco? Do you follow a sovereign authority in Egypt?
Urgent.. Who is United Tobacco? Do you follow a sovereign authority in Egypt?

Brotherhood websites and social media pages circulated news indicating that the United Tobacco Company is affiliated with one of the sovereign authorities in Egypt, and launched a sharp attack claiming that the security services had acquired the tobacco industry, which is one of the important industries in Egypt.

Ibrahim El-Embabi, head of the Tobacco and Molasses Division in the Chamber of Food Industries in the Federation of Industries, confirmed that the talk about the “United Tobacco” company’s affiliation with one of the sovereign authorities in Egypt is completely untrue.

Hani Aman, CEO of the Eastern Company, said that Eastern Tobacco has a stake in United Tobacco.

What is the story of “United Tobacco”?

United Tobacco is a company operating in Egypt and is the Egyptian arm of the international cigarette company Philip Morris.

United Tobacco submitted a bid by the government last year to obtain a license to manufacture cigarettes in Egypt. None of the three companies working in the tobacco field (Japan Tobacco and American Tobacco) did not apply, and United obtained the new license.

The bid conditions booklet granted the Eastern Company “Eastern Company” the right to own a share of up to 24% of the shares of the United Company.

Last April, the General Assembly of the “Eastern Company” agreed to contribute a 24% stake in United Tobacco, which means that it now owns about a quarter of the company.

What types of cigarettes will United Tobacco produce?

United Tobacco Company – Morris began production of premium cigarettes bearing the Philip Morris brands in its new factory in Egypt, after obtaining a new license to manufacture cigarettes.

Philip Morris Egypt said that it will start manufacturing LM, Malboro and Merit products in the factories of “United Tobacco” to change the name of the factory printed on all its cigarette products to “Made in Egypt by the United Tobacco Company”, instead of “Made by the Eastern Company”.

Philip Morris manufactures “Marlboro” cigarettes of all kinds, “Mert” of all kinds, and L&M of all kinds.

Who is Philip Morris?

Philip Morris International is an American multinational cigarette and tobacco company, with products sold in more than 180 countries.

Marlboro is the company’s best-known and best-selling product.

The company was part of the Altria Group until it separated in March 2008.

Who is the businessman Abdullah Al-Husseini?

Abdullah Al-Hussaini is the general manager of Tans Business, a Dubai-based company that runs Philip Morris Egypt. Al-Hussaini is the agent of the American company and manages the tobacco industry in the Middle East through deals to acquire larger shares of the markets in which it operates

Philip Morris owns 26% of the cigarette market in Egypt and produces from 80 to 85 million cigarettes per day before acquiring the only license that ended the Eastern Tobacco Company’s monopoly on the cigarette industry in EgyptR

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