The torture of killing him in 3 hours.. The death of a Syrian detainee in Lebanon ignites anger

The torture of killing him in 3 hours.. The death of a Syrian detainee in Lebanon ignites anger
The torture of killing him in 3 hours.. The death of a Syrian detainee in Lebanon ignites anger

After the incident sparked widespread anger on social media, the government commissioner to the Lebanese Military Court issued, on Saturday, a decision to arrest an officer and 4 members of the State Security Service, pending an investigation into the death of a Syrian youth arrested under torture.

In the details, the judicial official explained that the Syrian youth died 3 hours after his arrest, as he was subjected to severe torture and shocks that led to his heart stopping and his death, noting that he died before arriving at the hospital.

They tortured them to extract confessions by force

This came after the state security apparatus arrested the young Bashar Abdel-Saud on August 31 and transferred him to the state security office in Bint Jbeil district in southern Lebanon for interrogation and other detainees.

According to the judicial official, the government commissioner to the Lebanese Military Court, Judge Fadi Akiki, subjected the State Security Office, where the detainees were tortured, to preliminary investigations under his supervision.

The judicial official said that the torture suspects wanted to extract confessions from the deceased that he heads a security cell affiliated with ISIS, but he insisted on denying these accusations.

The official explained that the other detainees of the deceased’s companions were also tortured in order to extract confessions that they belong to the organization, pointing out that the effects of torture are visible on their bodies, and two are still under arrest.

Until the pictures showed the body of the deceased detainee covered with bruises, blue spots and wounds, which sparked widespread anger in the country.

Meanwhile, the State Security announced that it “put the incident in the hands of the competent judiciary.”

Not the first time

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that accusations have been brought against Lebanese security services of resorting to torture during investigations.

In September 2017, Lebanon passed an anti-torture law.

A picture showing the effects of torture

While Amnesty International accused in March 2021, the Lebanese security services and army intelligence of committing violations against Syrian refugees after their arrest, including resorting to horrific methods of torture and depriving them of a fair trial.

The methods of torture included beatings with metal sticks, electric cables, and plastic pipes, hanging detainees upside down, and forcing them into stress positions.

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