Positive reviews of the movie “Copper Iron Batteries” after its screening at the Venice Film Festival

The feature film Hadid Nahas Batteria received positive reviews after its screening at the Venice Film Festival, and several critical articles praised the film directed by Wissam Sharaf.

The movie Iron, Copper, Batteries was shown in the 19th edition of the Giornati degli Autori competition, which is held in parallel with the 79th Venice International Film Festival..

Critic Matthew Joseph Jenner wrote on ICS About Iron, Copper, Batteries: A well-made work, and its director offers something extraordinary as he delves deeply into the lives of these characters who explore their surroundings and realize facts about rejection from society.

While critic Fabien Lemercier said on the Senorpa website about the film: A work that brings to mind the works of Aki Kaurisemki and Elia Suleiman.

The show was held in the presence of director Wissam Sharaf, film stars Clara Couture, Ziad Galad, Darina El Gendy and Josica Chandra, producers Katia Khazak and Charlotte Vincent, director of photography Martin Rhett, editor Clemence Diar, interior designer Tom Mattai, and assistant director Anais Versini, Sandy Galan Perez and Gina Dou. The film is also on the morning of Wednesday, September 7th.

The film revolves around Ahmad, a Syrian refugee and war survivor, who wanders the streets of Beirut in search of metal objects to be recycled, and thinks that he will find love with Mahdia, a girl of Ethiopian origin, but love in this city seems impossible; Will these two romantic refugees find the way to freedom; While Ahmed is affected by a mysterious disease that slowly turns his body into metal?

The Iron Copper Batteries project received support from the National Institute of Film and Motion Picture (CNC)The Corsica Region, the Doha Film Institute, the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Francophone Film Support Fund, andMedia. The project also won a marketing grant from the Red Sea International Film Festival, the Institut Français de Tunis award from the Carthage Professional Platform within the Carthage Film Festival, and the Carthage Film Festival award. Arte At the Busan Film Festival, the National Institute of Film and Motion Picture Award at the Dubai Film Connection.

The film is directed by Wissam Sharaf, co-written by Hala Dabaji and Mariette Desire, starring Clara Couture, Ziad Galad, Refaat Tarabay and Darina El-Gendy, and produced by Né à Beyrouth Films And theAurora Films And theIntramovies Which also handles sales and distribution internationally, and in France it is distributed by JHR Films.

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Iron Copper Film Batteries

Iron Copper Film Batteries
Iron Copper Film Batteries
Iron Copper Film Batteries

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