Please do not pollute instinct.. a new battle of awareness

Please do not pollute instinct.. a new battle of awareness
Please do not pollute instinct.. a new battle of awareness

We were not satisfied with the repercussions of Corona on the planet and the resulting loss of the dearest people, until each of us became afflicted with this epidemic and its makers, and what left behind it of shame in our bodies, whether with immune diseases or psychological aches, followed by the outbreak of the declared and implicit war to complete what remains on the planet of human crumbs working on The annihilation of her sex to the fullest extent of her energies, then she sits down to groan as she is on the so-called social networking sites.

Here is the new onslaught that is heading towards the destruction of the family and its members, completing the path of its malicious plan, despite the number of times the political leadership has pointed out the danger of high divorce rates and the increase in the number of young generations missing the arms of one of the parents, and the consequent number of psychological diseases that society suffers, and the face of His address to all the clergy, the media, psychologists and sociologists that each of them assume his responsibility towards society.

I follow from my side with others the chaos of statements that dominated many of the so-called elite or the educated elite, and I do not know who granted them the right to speak from its foundation on behalf of a people whose strength exceeds one hundred million, and who granted them the right to fatwa on religious and purely humanitarian rights and duties, there is no discussion or debate about it. On the basis of common sense, not only in compliance with the divine instructions, it is born by nature regardless of the commands of other religions with charity and love. Many of them and their followers have become.

Away from those battles taking place over the Rawidat al-Zaman so-called social media, this hotbed left to everyone to release their categories and orientations without supervision, accountability, revision, or references. And be kind to all of his creation, not to transcend them or engage in polemics and cycles of “duties and rights,” which are clear, obvious, logical, and innate, and there is nothing wrong with them except in the souls of those whose nature has been corrupted and who rebel against it.

So the Creator, who is the Source of everything, wanted him to create us without rules, without aim, and without an accurate balance of justice, the accuracy of the entire movement of the planets. Adam and Eve always slandered them. It was said about them what was not said in the history of ingratitude and denial of credit, instead of deriving wisdom and diving into the details of the beginning of creation and its wisdom. Adam, who lived alone and miserable, God created for him Eve to dwell with him, not to fight, and they lived a happy life until Satan whispered to them: The absurd thing is that the reason for Adam’s descent from Paradise was Eve, “his dwelling and the secret of his happiness” and vice versa, so the act of whispering was both of them combined, and the punishment was for them both, and we bore after them the consequences of guilt, and we completed on him what blackened the stone for which was white.

Thus was the beginning of creation, and this is the basic building block of the divine wisdom from the creation of male and female on earth from everything, “And from everything We created pairs that you may remember.” There is nothing but that He has been created, and He created inhabitation, and the creation of human being is wisdom. لَكُم مِّنْ أَنفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَٰجًا لِّتَسْكُنُوٓاْ إِلَيْهَا وَجَعَلَ بَيْنَكُم مَّوَدَّةً وَرَحْمَةً ۚ إِنَّ فِى ذَٰلِكَ لَءَايَٰتٍۢ لِّقَوْمٍۢ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ”، أي أن السكن أساس العلاقة التي تجمع كل ابن آدم وحواء، سكن كل منهما الآخر تماماً كما خلقت حواء من أضلع آدم، والشرط المكمل للسكن هو المودة والرحمة.

And the wisdom of creating all other creatures from male and female to reproduce with the aim of running the life of mankind, as God commanded our master Noah in the time of the Flood to take with him a male and a female from all creatures so that he, with the group of creatures surviving from the Flood, could start a new life in another spot after the end of the Flood and the stability of his boat on Al-Judy, “Even when Our command came and the oven had passed away, We said: Carry in it two pairs of every single pair.”

Who among us is waiting for a fatwa from human beings – after all these clear and self-explanatory verses – and who among us is waiting for anyone who is to be allowed to direct us inside our homes and under the roofs of our homes in contravention of the remembrance of God the Wise or the instinct on which we were created.

The sexual instinct, which is the origin of the instincts for the purpose of housing, affection and reproduction, is followed by the instincts of survival, and motherhood, as innate instincts that are born like a moral organ in the human body, which we do not feel except in certain cases and situations. In her womb, despite all the pains and hardships she faces throughout the months of pregnancy, she endures and swallows anything in return for this fetus slicing through her womb on its way to the light, causing her pain – that the most powerful of men can’t handle – and leaving her marks on her body as if they were his living signature. It will not go away, I am the product of this womb.

Is it possible for any human mind to imagine that the same mother would deprive her newborn of the blessing that God granted “to them” in her body and her newborn – without the slightest interference from her – to breastfeed him as a witness and milk that strengthens his bones and gives him immunity and strength to face life? Can she struggle with her instinct? To give up those golden moments in which she embraces her newborn to the closest point to her heart, to touch each other’s warmth.

Is it possible for any balanced, affectionate, giving and compassionate father not to see that these difficult tasks for the mother, from conception to birth to breastfeeding to education and upbringing, are tasks that are included in the path of habit, duty or obligation, no, by God, they are instinct, mercy and abundant love that are placed in our hearts, gentlemen, do not include them in a place Obligations and acts of obedience because they are already present within our wombs and ribs, and they are not usually categorized as being in the place of duties or rights.

Credit and charity are two qualities that are closely related to the marital relationship and a prerequisite for them “and do not forget the credit between you ۚ God is seeing through what you do”, they share the same walls and ceilings, living and priority, God would not share the accusations and the conditions upon them, except that we know that we are accusing and drinking. The duties of each party to the other, know that it is an instinct and a legitimate duty, when its balance is disturbed, it loses its sanctity for which humanity was created, and it cannot continue without it.

The malicious feud that continues to reveal the jurisprudence of partisanship, discrimination and racism continues between Muslim and Christian, my family and , white and chocolate, boy and girl, working woman and housewife, healthy and determination, rich and poor, boss and subordinate, husband and wife, and the arc remains open as much as we want to complete the road The early end, or rather, the path of no return, or correcting the path by going backwards, arranging the papers, and illuminating blinded eyes with a singular desire.

It is a call to contemplation, realization of reason, and giving priority to the interests of families and children. It is not a battle of superiority or the survival of another race and the annihilation of another. It is a battle of awareness that must be fought with full conviction, not imposition or coercion.

As long as hearts and minds are complements to human instinct.

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