Toyota Corolla 2022 price in Saudi Arabia

Toyota Corolla 2022 price in Saudi Arabia
Toyota Corolla 2022 price in Saudi Arabia

own a car Toyota Corolla Wide fame within the world of cars, as it is the best-selling in the whole world, as it has recently witnessed a high percentage of sales. Due to its high-tech performance, it transports its driver to an integrated world of development, as it is characterized as a small model or a small family car. Japan is considered the country of origin, within the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka, in the Japanese factories of Susono.

Toyota Corolla 2022 engines

It is known that the Corolla consumes 19.6 km / liter of fuel, and it is characterized by having two engines:

  • The first three-cylinder engine, with 119 power, and a capacity of 1.5 liters, automatic transmission CVT
  • The second four-cylinder engine, a capacity of two liters, and a power of 186 horsepower, and automatic transmission as well.

Protection and safety systems for Toyota Corolla cars

Corolla cars have enjoyed the latest international safety systems, as they give the driver a high degree of safety while driving, due to the fact that they contain the following:

  • rear view cameras
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • High beam headlights
  • Lane correction alarm
  • Emergency device
  • It has a cruise control system.

outer corolla shape

Corolla cars are characterized by an attractive, streamlined shape, highly elegant, as they have electric side mirrors, L-shaped fog detectors, as well as end lights, as well as wheels in multiple sizes.

Toyota Corolla 2022

Toyota Corolla 2022 prices inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Toyota XGLI 2.0L Rooftop 82.900 SAR
  • As for the Toyota Corolla GLI, a 1.5-liter capacity, at a price of 79,300 SAR
  • Toyota XLI 1.5 liter upgraded sunroof at 74.100 SAR
  • The price of the Corolla XLI 1.5 liters is 68,900 riyals.

The car is available in several colors, including red, livelihood and gray, to suit all tastes, as well as all spare parts for the car. On the other hand, we find Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has made a wide network of sales and maintenance centers distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this network Special for all versions of Toyota Corolla.

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