A photographer blows up a surprise about Gerard Pique and is preparing for revenge!!

A photographer blows up a surprise about Gerard Pique and is preparing for revenge!!
A photographer blows up a surprise about Gerard Pique and Shakira is preparing for revenge!!

The famous Spanish photographer Jordi Martin revealed that defender Gerard Pique had been cheating on for many years, especially since 2016, stressing that he had a track record of betraying the Spanish player. And it seems that the Colombian star of Lebanese origin, Shakira, is considering using the matter to take revenge on Pique in the custody case for their two sons.

The Spanish magazine “TeleCinco” reported that Shakira will start a long court battle over custody of their two sons, especially since Pique completely rejects their transfer from Barcelona to Miami, where she wants to live and settle with them. In the report, it was stated that Shakira had already begun collecting evidence of Pique’s many infidelities, to present it before the Spanish courts, and to win custody. In return, the latter is in a state of great tension, after making sure, in full, of Shakira’s possession of evidence that may lose him custody of his two children, He is trying to find out what evidence you have. Jordy Martin quotes

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Photographer Jordi Martin had stated that Shakira does not deserve to be betrayed by Pique because she is a wonderful person, and she left her whole life, and came to Spain for the man who betrayed her, and he also pointed out that he alerted her more than once. He also explained that discovering Pique’s betrayal was easy in a small city like Barcelona, ​​where it was possible to monitor movements and activities easily.

He added, “I can tell that Shakira is in a bad situation. She is emotionally broken and even needs psychological support. She never expected Pique to be like this.” Martin stated that he has followed the couple since the beginning of their relationship, which means he knows them better than others. “My relationship with Pique and Shakira dates back to 12 years, that is, since the beginning of their relationship. This is the first day they were together in Ibiza.” He added that in the beginning their relationship was very beautiful. There was a lot of love between them, but the breakup was very painful for Shakira. Martin confirmed that Pique has been dating Clara Chia Marti, 23, since last February, saying: “Pique loves her so much, he’s not thinking of breaking up with her at all. Despite rumors that they are going to break up, they are in love.” That’s why Shakira is going through a tough time.”

And the lenses of the paparazzi cameras had recently managed to capture pictures of Spanish football star Gerard Pique living romantic moments with his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, who is still a university student and studies public relations. Apparently, the pictures did not like Shakira, and she ignited anger, according to a Source close to the star, especially that they had an agreement, which is not to appear in public with their partners during the first year since the separation. “Socialite” magazine published exclusive video and photos of Pique with Clara at the “Summerfest Cerdanya” festival in Catalonia, showing romantic moments that brought the duo together in public, without Pique caring that Shakira would see the pictures.

And the Spanish “Marca” reported that the Barcelona defender began his current relationship with “Clara Shea” much earlier than June 4; That is, when it was announced his separation from Shakira, quoting sources close to the player. The report stated that Pique turned Shakira’s page on, long before the separation, and also stated that Clara was working as a waitress in a restaurant and night club, where Pique went with his friend, player Ricky Puig and other teammates to celebrate there, while Pique and Shakira lived separately.

The report also mentioned, from the Source, that the player Puig had the biggest role in Gerrard’s relationship with Shea, since Ricky, his sister Carlotta and his girlfriend Gemma Iglesias, they all know Clara, and she is part of their group; For they go to that place precisely for Clara; To accompany her during her working hours, in addition to the privacy benefits that she gave them with her presence in the place, so this club was the choice of Ricky when he wanted to celebrate with Pique.

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