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The attention of Al-Ahly fans and fans is directed to the deal file, and is eagerly waiting for the announcement of the deals concluded by the officials inside the Red Castle, to return again with the red team, to safety, and to obtain the continental and local championships, where the red fans demanded, the Board of Directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, stressed the need to sign a number of strong deals, pump new blood into the red team, and agree to the departure of a number of players, for not benefiting from them technically.

Al-Ahly club officials opened a line of negotiations with Mohamed Reda Bobo, the first football team player in the Future Club, who excelled and drew everyone’s attention in the Egyptian League, with his team, in addition to occupying the Amr Al-Sulayya center, which will be considered as a strong alternative, and a good face within the formation of the red team. .

An official Source inside Al-Ahly club revealed the latest developments regarding the file of Mohamed Reda Bobo, and the recent developments regarding Al-Ahly’s conclusion of contracting with the player or not, and Future responded to the offer made by the red team during the recent period.

The official Source inside Al-Ahly club confirmed in exclusive statements to “Al-Ahly News”, that the Bobo deal is threatened with failure, in light of his team’s adherence to the player, due to the need of Ali Maher, the coach of the first football team at Future Club, during the next season, and the difficulty of neglecting any player. With the team, in light of participating in the African Confederation Championship.

He continued: “Ali Maher refuses to compromise the services of Muhammad Reda Bobo, due to the pressure of the matches, in addition to the lack of an alternative for him, as Bobo suits his method with the way Ali Maher plays with the newly promoted team to the .”

Al-Ahly club officials offered a number of different offers to Future, in order to obtain the services of Muhammad Reda Bobo, but all attempts have failed, in light of Future’s adherence to the player, and the lack of intention to neglect him, as the red team intensifies its contacts with officials within Future, to obtain player services.

And Mohamed Reda Bobo is good at being in more than one center, besides his young age, as he is one of the players that Al-Ahly will rely on in the future, in addition to compensating Amr Al-Sulayya, in the event of his absence from matches, his departure from the Red Castle, or his final retirement from football during the coming years.

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