September 5.. The Sharjah Narrative Forum kicks off at the Opera House

September 5.. The Sharjah Narrative Forum kicks off at the Opera House
September 5.. The Sharjah Narrative Forum kicks off at the Opera House
The Sharjah Narrative Forum will be held in its eighteenth session entitled: “Narrative Imaginary and Postmodern Questions in the Contemporary Novel” from the 5th to the 6th of September.Under the auspices of Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, Egyptian Minister of Culture, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Culture in the secretariat of Dr. Hisham Azmy, and the Egyptian Opera House headed by Dr. Magdy Saber.

The forum will discuss several themes, namely: “Narrative in the face and problems of modernity, the postmodern narrative imagination, the novel between the imagined and reality, the transformations of construction in the contemporary novel, and the narrative imagination and heritage.”

As for the forum’s program, it includes the opening session on Monday, September 5th, at eleven o’clock in the morning, at the Egyptian Opera House, with speeches from: “The Ministry of Culture – Arab Republic of Egypt, and the speech of the Department of Culture – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates”.

Then the first session begins, at exactly eleven and a quarter in the morning until twelve and a quarter in the afternoon, in the Opera House, entitled: “Narrative in the face of the problems of modernity”, headed by Dr. Haitham Al-Hajj Ali, President of the Egyptian General Book Organization, and the main speaker Dr. Critic Dr. Sherif El-Gayar.

The second session will resume at twelve and a quarter until two o’clock in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of Culture, entitled: “The first axis: the postmodern narrative imagination”, headed by Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Fadl Badran, with the participation of Dr. Suhair Al-Masada, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Daba, and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Taha, and Dr. Ahmed Yahya Ali.

The activities of the forum will be completed by the third session at 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm, under the title: “The Second Axis: The Novel between the Imagination and Reality”, headed by Dr. Howaida Saleh, with the participation of: Mr. Najm, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Hussein, and Dr. Nahed Raheel.

Then the forum concludes the activities of the first day with the fourth session, which starts at 3:30 until 4:30 in the afternoon, entitled: “Testimonials”, chaired by Ahmed Toson, with the participation of: Muhammad Al-Gharbi Omran from Yemen, Tariq Imam, Mansoura Ezz El-Din, and Hani. Abdulrahman.

The activities of the second day of the forum will be completed on Tuesday, 6 September, with the first session starting at eleven in the morning until a quarter to one in the afternoon, entitled: “The Third Axis: Construction Transformations in the Contemporary Novel”, chaired by Khalil Al-Jizawi, and with the participation of: Dr. Hussein Hammouda, Dr. Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Dr. Muhammad Abu Hindi.

The second session will start at one o’clock until a quarter past three in the afternoon, entitled: “The Fourth Axis: The Narrative Imaginary and Heritage,” chaired by Muhammad Attia, and attended by: Dr. Ibrahim Sanad, Dr. Amani Al-Jundi, and Sayed Al-Wakeel.

The forum’s activities will conclude with the third session at 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., chaired by Mona El-Shimy, with the participation of Saeed Salem, Abeer Darwish, Amal El-Deeb, and Omar Abu Al-Qasim from Libya.

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