Murtada requests the transfer of the Lusail Cup to Saudi Arabia because of his death threat!

Murtada requests the transfer of the Lusail Cup to Saudi Arabia because of his death threat!
Murtada requests the transfer of the Lusail Cup to Saudi Arabia because of his death threat!

will play against Saudi Al Hilal in Qatar next week

Mortada Mansour, the Egyptian president of Zamalek, surprised everyone by making shocking statements on his club’s official channel at dawn today, about receiving death threats and imprisonment if he traveled to Qatar to attend the Lusail Super Cup match.

The Arab public is waiting for the Saudi Al Hilal and Zamalek summit in the Lusail Super Cup, a match that will be held on the occasion of the opening of the World Cup stadium on the ninth of next September in Qatar.

What did Mortada Mansour say about his death threat in Qatar?

The controversial president revealed during his statements that he had received letters threatening imprisonment and death for him and his two sons, Amir and Ahmed, if they traveled to Qatar to attend the upcoming match, and he requested that the meeting be moved to Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf country.

Mansour called on the Egyptian and Qatari government to intervene and investigate these messages, and added, “Today, I received letters threatening death, and I informed state officials, Hani Abu Rida, the Confederation of African Football and the Arab Federation.”

He continued, “The messages said, “If Mortada Mansour entered Qatar, he would be arrested and thrown in prison, and if a prince came, we would put poison in his food, and if Ahmed came, he would be killed in a traffic accident.” This is not a football match. Or Bahrain, the Emirates or Kuwait.

“We will not be able to play in this terrorist atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the Egyptian state and the government of Qatar to investigate these messages and find out their Source, because the situation is serious and concerns my life and the life of my son.”


What is the history of the confrontations of Al-Hilal and Zamalek?

Al Hilal and Zamalek played 5 matches together, during which the Egyptian team prevailed, which won 3 matches, drew once and lost only one match.

The first and second matches were in the group stage of the Arab Champions League 2004, and Al Hilal won the game 2-0, and the two teams tied 1-1, and together they qualified for the semi-finals.

The third match was during the same tournament and to determine the third place after the two teams lost the semi-finals. Zamalek decided it in his favour, 3-2, while the fifth was a friendly match and ended in 2015 with the victory of the Egyptian team 2-1.

The last confrontation that brought the two teams together took place in 2018 in the Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup, and Zamalek won it 2-1.

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