Allocate one day per week for artistic activities in schools

Allocate one day per week for artistic activities in schools
Allocate one day per week for artistic activities in schools

Azza Mustafa thanked the former Minister of Culture, Dr. Isnas Abdel Dayem, and the United Media Services Company, for the success of the Citadel Film Festival, in terms of organization and general form, and the intense attendance of the audience, in addition to choosing the stars, which was a very great thing, including Omar Khairat and Ali Al-Hajjar, Hani Shaker, Medhat Saleh and other stars.

Citadel Film Festival

Mustafa added, during the presentation of the “Tahrir Hall” program, broadcast on “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “I suggest, after the great success and happiness of the audience and the Egyptian family, to the Al-Qaly Film Festival, to the Minister of Culture and to the United Media Services Company, that it must surround all the governorates of Egypt, Because the winter season is upon us, in the governorates the weather is nice, and the ticket price is 20 pounds for Egyptians, and it is in dollars for non-Egyptians.

Azza Mustafa continued: “We have a success for a festival. We can’t stand it, and we hope and suggest that we don’t stop at this point. Rather, we must spread art and culture, and we will meet with change. I hope that every citizen on the land of Egypt attends concerts for the stars of Egypt, so that the entire Egyptian audience is happy.”

Generalizing the idea of ​​the Citadel Film Festival

The “Tahrir Hall” made a telephone interview with the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, who spoke about the Citadel Film Festival, saying: “The first thing I asked from the President of the Opera House, was that there be cooperation between sectors so that there would be a similar musical and artistic festival in all governorates of Egypt. Over the course of 4 times a year, it is linked to school holidays, holidays and various occasions.

And she continued, “There is continuity and continuity of work. We do not cancel what was before. There is a project called People’s Cinema, which is about the halls located in the cultural palaces in the governorates, in which cinematic films are shown at discounted prices, with the intention that this project will be generalized in the governorates of Egypt. Especially the southern provinces.

Allocate a day at school for cultural activities

She announced a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, to allocate one day a week for artistic activity in schools, each child according to his artistic inclinations, and tends to practice it, in addition to that cooperation from the Ministry of Culture will be through the Culture Palaces Authority with its educational administration.

As for higher education, preparations are made for the university, so that, in addition to the university theater, there is a program for the dissemination of artistic taste, even for people who are not creative.

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