Egypt is the first in exporting frozen strawberries to Japan and a jump in gold prices.. Video

Egypt is the first in exporting frozen strawberries to Japan and a jump in gold prices.. Video
Egypt is the first in exporting frozen strawberries to Japan and a jump in gold prices.. Video

Youm7 TV has released a new economic bulletin within the daily news services, which included coverage of the most important local economic news today, Saturday, September 3, 2022.

The Export Council for Food Industries announced that Egypt is the largest exporter of frozen strawberries in the world, with a value of close to a quarter of a billion dollars in 2021.

The council revealed that there are large companies that are ambassadors of a modern, developed and powerful Egypt in many countries of the world, and said, “We are proud of the Japan Food Solutions Company, which occupies the first place in the strawberry export market for Japan.

In a post on its Facebook page, the council explained that the Japanese market is the most difficult in the world in terms of specifications, pointing out that Egypt is the world’s largest exporter of frozen strawberries to Germany and other countries of the world.

Egypt ranks first in the world in exporting frozen strawberries, according to data from the World Trade Center (ITC). ITC» It is superior to the most important producers in the world, led by Poland, Mexico, Chile and Morocco.

Gold keeps going up

Today, Saturday, gold prices in Egypt are witnessing an increase of about 5 pounds in the Egyptian market, as gold rises from 1107 to 1112 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the main and most widely traded caliber in Egypt, where gold prices in goldsmiths are witnessing a noticeable movement this week, against the background of a move in demand for gold.

Gold prices today

21 caliber records 1112 pounds

18 caliber records 954 pounds

24 karat records 1272 pounds

The gold pound is 8896 pounds

The Precious Metals Division of the Federation of Industries confirmed that the dollar and supply and demand factors in Egypt moved the price of gold in the markets, despite the global decline in gold this week, which makes the price of the precious metal in the gold market relatively high this period.

Currency stability against the pound

Currency rates stabilized today, Saturday 3-9-2022, in banks operating in Egypt against the Egyptian pound, coinciding with the weekend, as the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound was fixed at 19.18 pounds for purchase, 19.24 pounds for sale, and the Saudi riyal against the pound at 5.09. EGP for purchase, EGP 5.11 for sale, and the Kuwaiti dinar registered EGP 60.05 for purchase, and EGP 62.46 for sale.

The exchange rate of the pound sterling against the Egyptian pound also stabilized at 22.05 pounds for purchase, 22.36 pounds for sale, according to the latest updates of the National Bank of Egypt.

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