Coordination of private universities..we publish available programs at King Salman University

Coordination of private universities..we publish available programs at King Salman University
Coordination of private universities..we publish available programs at King Salman University

The high school application for those wishing to apply to private universities is looking for the study programs available in those universities, and Al-Fajr Gate publishes the details of the programs available at King Salman International University, one of the private universities in Egypt.

Available Programs at King Salman International University

Dr. Ashraf Hussein, President of King Salman International University, announced that there is still an opportunity to enroll in King Salman International University in some of the remaining study programs.

field of engineering sciences

In the field of engineering sciences, the university offers programs:

1- Architecture Engineering.
2- Electronics and Communications Engineering.
3- Energy engineering.
4- Mechatronics Engineering.
5- Engineering and construction management.

field of computer engineering

In the field of computer engineering, the university offers computer engineering programs, including:

1- Embedded systems tracks.
2- Cloud computing.
3- High performance computing.
4- Cyber ​​security.
5- Artificial intelligence engineering.

field of computer science

The field of computer science also includes the following programs:

1- Biomedical informatics.
2- Computer Science, which includes: “Big Data Analysis, Computer Vision, and Software Engineering” tracks.
3- Artificial intelligence sciences.

Technological industries

For the field of technological industries, the university offers the following programs:

1- Refrigeration and air-conditioning industries technology.
2- Production lines industry technology.
3- Micro-industry technology.

The field of advanced basic sciences

With regard to the field of advanced basic sciences, the university offers programs, which are:

1- Molecular biotechnology.
2- Petroleum Chemistry.

The field of desert agriculture

1- Program for plant production in desert areas.

field of pharmaceutical sciences

1- Clinical Pharmacy Program – Pharm – D.

field of veterinary medicine

1- Veterinary Medicine Program.

Nursing field

1- Nursing Science Program.

The field of administrative and business sciences includes programs

1- Investment and financing.
2- Accounting and information systems.

The field of applied languages ​​includes programs

1- Written and simultaneous translation into English.
2- Written and simultaneous translation of the German language.

Tourism and Hospitality

1- Hotel and resort management program.

The field of art and design includes programs

1- Interior architecture.
2- Graphic design.
3- Brand building.

King Salman International University is located in the South Sinai Governorate and has 3 campuses in the cities (Al-Tor, Ras Sidr, Sharm El-Sheikh).

Applying to King Salman International University

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to continue applying and accepting students in the four private universities (King Salman International – Galala – El Alamein International – New Mansoura) for the academic year 2022-2023.

The four Egyptian private universities (King Salman International, El Galala, El Alamein International, and New Mansoura) will be able to enroll in some distinguished programs in the 2022-2023 academic year until the end of September 2022.

Who is eligible to apply?

The application is for Egyptian students who have a high school certificate or its equivalent for the current year 2021/2022 or the previous year 2020/2021, with the same admission and enrollment rules approved by the Council of Private Universities.

Equivalent certificates include:

1- Al-Azhar education.
2- Certificates of Outstanding Schools and Nile Schools.
3- Arabic certificates.
4- Foreign certificates granted from inside and outside Egypt.

The application is according to the applicable equivalency rules, and this year it is available for students who have obtained technical certificates for some programs, according to the rules for accepting those who have obtained these certificates in Egyptian universities.

Egyptian students can apply and register through the private universities coordination system that it provides to Egyptian students inside and outside Egypt With regard to non-Egyptian students wishing to enroll in private universities, they can go directly to the university headquarters or apply through International Student Portal

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