Leader of the league but suffering .. to solve the crises before entering the Champions!

Leader of the league but suffering .. to solve the crises before entering the Champions!
Leader of the league but suffering .. Real Madrid to solve the crises before entering the Champions!

As usual, beat Real Betis and achieved the full mark from 4 confrontations so far, the royal continues to present its wonderful attacking performances this season.

Despite the positives that we may get out of the meeting, there are some negatives that Carlo Ancelotti must solve if he wants his team to compete for all the championships.

When do we see David Alaba in the left-back position? And when do we see Ferlan Mendy on the bench? And how will you solve the crisis of the right wing of the royal?

Below we review with you the most important technical points from the confrontation of the La Liga champion against Real Betis, in which we talk about these crises.

A matter of time

After Casemiro left for this summer, and signed Aurelian Chuamini to be in the center of the defensive field, it seems that the royal system is not in its best condition.

The idea is not in different levels, because the Frenchman has a distinct quality and comprehensiveness even better than Casemiro, but the problem comes from the harmony, which is the shot that translates the goal received by Madrid.

Getty / GOAL

The understanding between the midfield was absent, Modric did not move with Sergio Canales, who escaped and entered the depth of the penalty area, while Camavinga watched the event just like us.

The result is that the elements of the royal midfield behaved like academy players, and Real conceded a very strange goal that made Betis return to the match after the fiery start that was achieved by Vinicius Junior.

Real Madrid’s midfield has clearly changed. Replacing Casemiro with Chuamini has no problems, but with time we can see a more developed version of the Brazilian in Real Madrid.

But replacing a player who is very talented in passing and reading play such as Toni Kroos with Camavinga or even Valverde makes it difficult for the royal to create offensive play and maintain the ball at greater rates than the opponents.

Toni Kroos Real Madrid 2022Getty Images

Ancelotti may eventually resort to a change of style. With the movement and strength that has become present in the midfield, he may think of switching from a team that possesses the ball (in La Liga matches only) to obtaining it through the process of reverse and high pressure.

In fact, the Royal has the quality to do it, but it is the best way now that Kroos is not participating.

The dilemma of the right wing and left back

So far, Real Madrid has not signed a new right winger, relying entirely on Rodrygo in case Ancelotti wants to attack, which is what happens more in the Spanish League.

And rely on Valverde when the Italian wants to defend, which is often the case in the Champions League.

While Marco Asensio appears from time to time, but the result is that there is no strong right winger at the level of Real Madrid, such as Angel Di Maria, Gareth Bale or Luis Figo, going back in time.

The Mbappe deal failed, yes, but this does not prevent that the royal had to look for other names that fit the playing system, Real needs a fast, fierce player in pressure and excellent in defensive duties, and the truth is that Rodrygo is a good player, but he is not the best solution.

David Alaba Real MadridGetty Images

By returning in the positions to the left-back, we will find the dilemma of Ferland Mendy, the “employee” player who can only run and cut the balls and deliver them to the nearest player.

He is not good at sending crosses, not entering depth and shooting, not even getting out of defensive areas to attack through long balls, he is the complete opposite of Marcelo.

Which makes us wonder, after signing Rudiger, why Alaba plays in the center of defense?

In the first goal shot, we see Alaba passing a very impressive long ball that put Junior in front of the goal, and he has many shots in which he enters the middle of the field and achieves the numerical increase and even scores goals.

The Austrian has the right quality to play in the left-back position, a comprehensive player who attacks, defends and is very dynamic, his presence in the heart of defense and the participation of Mendy on the left is a waste of time and nothing more.

Madrid continues to attack

ancelottiGetty Images

In the past confrontations, we talked about the splendor of Real Madrid this season in terms of the offensive situation, the royal for the fourth match in a row, creating many opportunities and reaching the opponent’s goal more than once and hitting a lot of balls.

We can say that from the middle of last season until now, the royal players have changed and were able to understand Ancelotti’s style, and therefore we see in every match many dangerous opportunities of various kinds.

The problem currently in Madrid is not offensive, even if the position of the right wing is controversial, but the system is excellent and can hide the flaws.

The problem is currently highly defensive, this is the fourth match in a row in which the royal conceded a goal, and therefore the Italian coach needs to reconsider, as we said in the center of the defense and the left back.

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