Details of Al- camp in the Netherlands.. Strong friendly and special equipment

Details of Al- camp in the Netherlands.. Strong friendly and special equipment
Details of Al-Ahly camp in the Netherlands.. Strong friendly and special equipment

Omar Nael, CEO of Non-Stop Company, responsible for organizing the upcoming Al- camp, revealed the scenes and details of preparing the Red Genie for the next football season.

In statements to the “Derby” program on Radio Greater Cairo, Nael said: “It is not the first time that we organize camps for Al-Ahly, we organized the 2019 camp in Spain during Lasarte’s tenure.”

He continued: “The camp is in a province belonging to Eindhoven in the Netherlands and lasts for ten days, from September 18 to September 28.”

He added, “We offered more than one friendly match to Al-Ahly, and it was decided on Eindhoven, which will host the Red Genie on 21, and the match is supposed to be on the main stadium, but we will see the maintenance schedule, and it is possible that it will be held on the secondary stadium.”

He continued: “The PSV Eindhoven match is the first for Al-Ahly in the camp. We showed other matches, such as Alkmaar and a number of clubs.”

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He continued: “The technical vision of the Spain camp during Lasarte’s period was not the matches in a gradual manner, as we offered to face Wolverhampton, but the coach refused to engage in strong confrontations, but now once the offer to face Eindhoven was approved, which indicates the desire of the red genie to engage in strong confrontations.”

He added: “As for the confrontation with Anderlecht and the Belgian clubs, it does not agree with the dates that Al-Ahly offered for the matches and were excluded, and the most special things that characterize Al-Ahly’s camps and requested by its officials, not to waste time, they refuse to have a remote stadium, as well as special equipment for gyms.”

He explained: “Hossam Ghaly came on a quick visit and supervised the arrangements for the camp and won his admiration, and we offered 4 stadiums to Al-Ahly, and one stadium was chosen, and we closed it to be maintained until the arrival of the mission.”

He concluded: “We have been going on for 12 years in the Netherlands and have organized more than 100 international matches, and from a few days ago we organized a camp for Saudi cooperation and in the same place where Al-Ahly and before that we organized the Emirati Al-Wasl as well, and we also organized two matches for the Egyptian Olympic team during Shawky Gharib’s tenure against the Netherlands. “.

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