Who is Ghaith Al-Alaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred? The first to tell her that he was accused of rape | news

Without any preamble, Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred announced the news of his marriage to his close girlfriend and keeper of secrets, Ghaith Al-Alaki, with whom he has had a relationship for many years.

The news linked Saad Lamjarred to Ghaith al-Maliki for many years. He was always keen to congratulate her on her birthday, and she was the first to tell her that he was accused of rape in 2018 in Paris, before his parents, so who is Ghaith al-Alaki?

Saad Lamjarred announces his marriage to his girlfriend Ghaithah

Saad Lamjarred and his wife, Ghaith Al Alaki

Ghaith Al-Alaki comes from an ancient family in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. She works as a businesswoman and lives in Canada, and owns hotels in the Gueliz neighborhood, Marrakech.

Saad Lamjarred

Two days after the arrest of Saad Lamjarred in 2018, Ghaith Al-Alaki traveled with the father of the famous artist to France to follow the events of the case in which he was accused of raping a French girl, Laura Priolle, after which he was imprisoned.

Saad Lamjarred and his wife, Ghaith Al Alaki

The journalists’ lenses monitored the presence of Al-Alaki inside the Palace of Justice, to attend the sessions of Lamjarred.

Saad Lamjarred

The name of Ghaith Al-Alaki spread widely in 2014, when Saad Lamjarred was seen with her in more than one photo on social networking sites, and the Moroccan singer confirmed at the time that Ghaith was “a close friend, and he considers her a member of the family.”

Saad Lamjarred and his wife, Ghaith Al Alaki

After being accused of rape in 2018, Saad explained simply why he called his girlfriend Ghaithah before contacting his parents, that it was difficult to contact the family, so he preferred to contact Ghaithah, because she has experience in dealing with these matters.

Saad Lamjarred and his wife, Ghaith Al Alaki

It is noteworthy that Saad Lamjarred had previously married a woman named Yameen, and he appeared with her in 2007 while participating in the Super Star program.

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