Who is Ghaita Alalaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred?

Who is Ghaita Alalaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred?
Who is Ghaita Alalaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred?

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred revealed his marriage to his close and old girlfriend, Ghaith Al-Alaki, so that dozens of questions were raised on social networking sites about who this wife is.

Moroccan singer Saad wrote just through his accounts in the means of communication: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: (And from his signs that he created for you from your souls, wives, so that they can be held for them and make it between you.

And he said: “I ask God to make my marriage a blessed step, and to bless me in it, and to protect me with prosperity and good offspring, for He is over all things capable.”

Who is Ghaith Al-Alaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred?

Ghaith Al-Alaki is one of the most close friends of Lamjarred, as they were seen with each other on many occasions, and they shared their photos on social networking sites, and she was one of the most supportive and supporters of him in the rape case that followed him in France during the past years.

According to Moroccan media, Ghaith Al-Alaki hails from one of the ancient families in the city of Marrakesh, and she had an old relationship with the Moroccan singer, despite the rejection of his mother, the artist, Nozha Rakeraki, for this relationship and rapprochement.

Ghaith Al-Alaki is a Marrakech businesswoman who lives in Canada. She owns hotels in the upscale Gueliz neighborhood of Marrakech. She was also the first to join Saad Lamjarred in France to support him after the second rape charge.

Ghaith comes from one of the oldest families in Marrakech, and has a strong friendship for many years with the Moroccan artist, despite the rejection of his mother, artist Nozha Regraki, for this relationship in the past. She is also a Canadian businesswoman who owns hotels in the upscale Gueliz neighborhood.

The name of Ghaith Al-Alaki has been known since 2014, when Saad Lamjarred was seen with her in more than one photo. At that time, there were conflicting rumors about the relationship of the duo, and news spread that they were related, but Saad Lamjarred denied this, and confirmed that Ghaithah is a close friend and considers her a member of the family.

And in August 2018, the name of Ghaith Al-Alaki again raised controversy, after she was the first person to call him just because he was arrested at the airport in France on the accusation of rape, which increased speculation about their relationship. Recently, he released a new song called “The Throat”, which has reached nearly 5 million views, days after its release.

Saad Lamjarred’s engagement to Ghaith Al-Alaki topped the media and social platforms during the past hours, as the wedding is scheduled to take place in a family atmosphere during the coming period.

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