Who is the wife of Saad Lamjarred?.. Ghaith Al-Alaki, childhood friend and family

The name of Ghaith Al-Alaki entered the list of the most searched for on social networking sites, after Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred suddenly announced their marriage, with a publication that was circulated on all his platforms on social networking sites, to begin the task of searching for the identity of the bride, which seemed ambiguous to most of the Arab public, while the Moroccan public knows her. Well, as her name was put forward 4 times to be the second wife of Saad, and each time he went out to deny the matter, stressing that Ghaith is a childhood friend and family only.

Saad Lamjarred and his wife – Photo from the official group of Fans Saad on Facebook

Saad Al-Mujrad’s publication included conflicting information as he explicitly referred to the occurrence of the marriage, while sources close to the Saad family confirmed that Al-Mujrad announced the marriage suddenly and without notifying his family. There is confusion about the place of the celebration, as some have confirmed that it will take place in Paris, while some have expected that the ceremony will take place in Marrakesh, the birthplace of the bride.

Saad Lamjarred and his wife – Photo from the official group of Fans Saad on Facebook

Ghaith Al-Alaki is a Marrakech businesswoman, residing in Canada, and owning hotels in the upscale Gueliz district of Marrakech. Al-Bashir Abdo, the father of Saad Lamjarred, considers her a loyal friend of the family, and is keen to congratulate her on her birthday through his account on the Instagram website, while Nozha Rakraki, Lamjarred’s mother, spoke about her. As a childhood friend of her son.

According to sources close to Al-Mujadred, Ghaith Al-Alaki is the loyal friend of Al-Mujarred, and the first to contact him in his major crises, which happened immediately after his arrest in Paris on charges of rape.

The sources indicated that Saad Lamjarred could not contact his parents to tell them about the accusation of rape, and the Moroccan artist preferred to contact his close friend, Ghaith Al-Alaki.

Saad Lamjarred intervened to explain the reason for his contact with his girlfriend Ghaith before his parents, and said at the time that it was difficult to contact the family, so he preferred to contact Ghaithah; Because she has experience in dealing with these matters.

Since Saad Lamjarred’s divorce from his first wife, who accompanied him on his trip to America in 2007, “Ghaitha” is the ideal candidate for the title of second wife, Lamjarred, and rumors of their marriage broke out secretly for the first time in 2014, where Saad Lamjarred was seen with her in more than one picture, and then there were conflicting rumors about a relationship The duo, and news spread of their association, but Saad Lamjarred denied this, and confirmed that Ghaith is a close friend and considers her a member of the family.

In August 2018, the name of Saad Lamjarred’s friend, Ghaith Al-Alaki, won high search rates, after Moroccan reports indicated that Lamjarred was arrested at the airport in France on charges of rape, which he recently disposed of. What surprised his fans, was that he, or whoever called him, was his girlfriend, Ghaith Al-Alaki, which increased speculation about their relationship.

And Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred announced his official marriage on Saturday evening, in a move that was a pleasant surprise to his fans, followers and fans.

Saad revealed, through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, about his marriage and the name of the bride, which is called “Ghitha”, and he wished God Almighty to bless this marriage and to bless him and his wife with righteous offspring. The Most Merciful.. and among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed, in that are signs for a people who reflect.”

Saad said in his tweet: “And with His words, the Almighty, I ask God to make my marriage a blessed step and to bless me in it and the inviolable, rich with prosperity and good offspring that He is over all things.”

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