Saad Lamjarred announces his marriage to Ghaith Al-Alaki: She supported him in the rape case, so who is she?

Saad Lamjarred announces his marriage to Ghaith Al-Alaki: She supported him in the rape case, so who is she?
Saad Lamjarred announces his marriage to Ghaith Al-Alaki: She supported him in the rape case, so who is she?

The Moroccan artist surprised Saad Lamjarred The public announced his marriage yesterday evening, Saturday, without revealing the scenes of his association, but he mentioned the name of his wife Ghaith Al Alaki.

Saad Lamjarred announces his marriage to Ghaith Al Alaki

Saad Lamjarred, through his personal account on the Instagram application, posted: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” And among His signs is that He created for you from among yourselves spouses to live in, and He made between you affection and mercy. Indeed, in that are signs for people who think.

And he continued: “And by His saying, the Almighty, I ask God to make my marriage a blessed step, and to bless me in it, and the inviolable one, abundant with prosperity and good offspring, and that He has power over all things.”

Followers interacted with Saad’s husband, Lamjarred, wishing him success in this step, but many searched for Who is Saad Lamjarred’s wife??

Who is Ghaith Al-Alaki, wife of Saad Lamjarred?

Aitha Al-Alaki is a Moroccan businesswoman and a close friend of Saad Lamjarred for years, who appeared with him a lot, especially after he was accused in a rape case in France.

Ghaith Al-Alaki followed Saad Lamjarred in the rape case against him, as she was said to be the person who contacted him just for her time after he was stopped at the airport, which increased speculation about their relationship.

According to press reports at the time, he was unable to contact his parents, and preferred to contact his close friend Ghaith al-Alaki, explaining that it was difficult to contact the family, so he preferred to contact Ghaithah; Because she has experience in dealing with these matters.

After the publication of a photo of Saad Lamjarred and Ghaith Al Alaki in 2014, rumors spread about their relationship, and rumors spread about their association, but the Moroccan artist denied the matter and confirmed that she is his close friend and is considered a member of the family.

Doubts increased about their relationship after Saad Lamjarred published a picture with her to congratulate her on her birthday and commented on her: “Happy Birthday Ghuwaitha. May God bless you. You have a very special place in my heart and you will always and forever be.

And he continued, “Happy New Year, no matter how hard I try to express myself, that will never be enough for you, Ghuwaitha.”

According to the Moroccan media, Ghaith Al-Alaki hails from one of the ancient families in the city of Marrakesh and had an old relationship with Saad Lamjarred, despite the rejection of his mother, artist Nozha Regraki, for this relationship and rapprochement.

Ghaith Al-Alaki is a businesswoman who resides in Canada, hotels in the upscale Gueliz neighborhood of Marrakech, and was also the first to join Saad Lamjarred in France to support him after the second rape accusation.

It is noteworthy that a number of news had spread a few days ago about the holding of a family party for the engagement of Saad Lamjarred and Ghaith Al-Alaki, and that the couple are preparing for the wedding in complete secrecy.

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