Who is Guerlain Pereira on Wikipedia?

Who is Guerlain Pereira – Wikipedia? In the last hours, the name of the Colombian player, Gerlan Pereira, spread remarkably on various Saudi social media platforms, after the Egyptian club Al- announced the player’s joining its ranks, and recent years have witnessed the joining of many prominent players to the ranks of Al-Ahly Club, which seeks to restore its football glories, especially After the last season, which did not meet the ambitions, and through the site we will learn who is Guerlain Pereira and Wikipedia.

Who is Guerlain Pereira on Wikipedia?

Guerlain Pereira is Colombian soccer playerIn addition, he was born on the sixteenth of September 1995 AD, and he is about 26 years old, and he also had a contract with his former club, Atlético Nacional of Colombia, extending until 2025 AD, but the Egyptian Al-Ahly administration managed to win the services of the Colombian striker who played For several international clubs, most notably Atletico Madrid. It is worth noting that Pereira is the nephew of the Colombian legend Valderrama, who is considered the legend of Colombian football throughout history, in addition to having played with many prominent players at the beginning of his career, led by star Luis Diaz. Bolivian Bolivar in the current summer transfers.[1]

Who is Guerlain Pereira on Wikipedia?

Guerlain Pereira biography

Colombian striker Gerlan Pereira has a distinguished scoring record with the clubs he played for, as he played 303 official matches in which he scored 57 goals and made 41 goals, and the following is the most important information about his biography:

  • afor name: Guerlain Pereira .
  • the age: 26 years old.
  • Occupation: Footballer.
  • Date of Birth: The sixteenth of September 1995 AD.
  • Center: attacker.
  • Current club: Al-Ahly of Egypt.
  • Marketing value: 3.40 million euros.
  • Nationality: Colombian.

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Guerlain Pereira Marketing Value

Al-Ahly Club of Egypt announced its contract with the Colombian player Gerlan Pereira from Atletico Nacional today, Sunday, the eleventh of September 2022 AD. The market value of the Colombian player is 3.40 million euros The Egyptian club has worked since the beginning of the summer transfers to win his services, so that the success of the negotiations will be officially announced in an official statement today on the club’s website.

Here we come to the end of our article Who is Guerlain Pereira on Wikipedia?In which we talked in detail about the new Egyptian Al-Ahly club player, Gerlan Pereira, in addition to the most important information about the player and his marketing value.

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