Who is Abdullah Khojaly? – Wikipedia

Who is Abdullah Khojaly? – Wikipedia
Who is Abdullah Khojaly? – Wikipedia

Who is Abdullah Khojaly? – Wikipedia ?, where the name of the football player Abdullah Khojaly spread remarkably in the recent period on various Saudi social media platforms, after talking about his story and the suffering he went through for three decades. Khojaly Wikipedia, in addition to the most important information about his story with his mother.

Who is Abdullah Khojaly? – Wikipedia

Abdullah Khojali is A soccer player with Saudi citizenshipIn addition to occupying the position of goalkeeper, he also played with many local clubs, most notably Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal, and his name spread widely on social networking sites after he was able to find his mother after a separation that lasted for about thirty years, as Khojali was born in the nineties of the century. Al-Madi, that is, about thirty years old, from a father holding Saudi citizenship and a mother holding Sudanese citizenship. He also started his career as a professional goalkeeper since he was young, and played for many clubs, most notably Al Hilal and Al Nasr in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and his parents separated after a major dispute broke out between them. Since he was a young child, his mother returns to her hometown in Sudan, and he stays with his father to leave his mother for about 30 years, then they met again in the Eighth Program recently, amid great sympathy from the Saudi street.

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Abdullah Khojaly Biography

The Saudi player Abdullah Khojaly gained wide fame after playing for the Saudi League clubs, in addition to his story with his mother, which made people interact with him greatly, and the following is the most important information about his biography:

  • The name: Abdullah Khojaly.
  • the age: In his early thirties.
  • Occupation: Footballer.
  • Nationality: Saudi.
  • Religion: Muslim.
  • play center: A goal keeper.
  • Sweat: Arabic.
  • the language: Arabic.
  • place of birth: Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

The story of the player Abdullah Khojaly

The events of the story of Saudi goalkeeper Abdullah Khojaly go back since he was a young child, when a great dispute broke out between his parents that led to their final separation, in addition to his father being a Saudi national and his mother holding Sudanese nationality, and after this dispute his mother returned to Sudan, and he stayed with his mother to take over his grandmother His father’s mother raised him, who in turn told him after he reached the age of fifteen that his mother was in Sudan while she was alive, after he was told by his father that she had died since he was an infant to start searching for her, and he also traveled to Sudan several times to no avail. , to be called to the eighth famous program in one of its episodes to be surprised by the presence of his mother in the program.

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Abdullah Khojaly, what will he come back to?

The Khojaly family is one of the most famous families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose origins go back to The Arabian PeninsulaThe sons of this family were famous for their generosity, courage and generosity, and they are present inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to holding many important positions in the Kingdom with a large percentage of the family in the Gulf countries.

Here we come to the end of our article This is Abdullah Khojaly from WikipediaIn which we talked in detail about the Saudi player Abdullah Khojaly, in addition to the most important information related to his personal life and biography.

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