Who is the woman who appeared next to the ruler of Dubai at the funeral of Elizabeth II?

Who is the woman who appeared next to the ruler of Dubai at the funeral of Elizabeth II?
Who is the woman who appeared next to the ruler of Dubai at the funeral of Elizabeth II?

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homeland- An Emirati minister caught the eye after appearing alongside Sheikh “Mohammed bin Rashid” as they entered Buckingham Palace to participate in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reem Al-Hashimi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, appeared wearing a traditional Gulf cloak and a black shawl while holding her mobile phone.

Some thought she was his daughter or one of his wives

At first, many questions and speculations were raised whether the woman who appeared alongside Mohammed bin Rashid was one of his wives or daughters, so it became clear that she was Minister Reem Al-Hashem.

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She was among the official Emirati delegation that arrived in London to offer condolences to King Charles III on the death of his mother.

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Identity is pride

Tweeters interacted with the image of the ruler of Dubai and Minister Reem Al Hashemi, which they described as “an image of the giving leadership woman in the Emirates.”

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In this context, a tweet commented: “Reem Al-Hashemi, I like it very much.. Bu Rashid’s view of people does not disappoint.. the queen of choosing his employees is very classy.”

“Hana” said that Minister Reem, on every occasion outside the country, appears in her cloak, and added: “Identity is pride and pride, neither Barneta nor anyone else.”

And after Salem: “Because no one speaks, this is his wife, this is the Minister of State, Reem Al-Hashemi, Nader, you see a sheikh who comes with his wife.”

While the owner of the “Ezz al-Kalam” account asked: “The woman with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, his daughter or his wife? .. How beautiful are the Gulf women, and the curse of oranges.”

Who is Minister Reem Al-Hashemi?

Minister Reem Ibrahim Al-Hashemi obtained a university degree from Tufts University, in addition to a BA in International and French Relations, and a MA from Harvard University.

In February 2016, she was sworn in as Minister of State for International Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to that, Reem led the UAE bid to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

She also serves as president of Dubai Cares, a charitable organization that aims to improve access to quality education in developing countries, and runs the office of the Vice President for Political Affairs, which explains why she accompanied Ibn Rashid on his visit to London.

She also previously held the presidency of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, which leads the global competitiveness of the UAE in many sectors.

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