National Day Offers 92 Jeddah Restaurants Burger King & Herfy discounts on National Day 1444

National Day offers 92 Jeddah restaurants, one of the discounts that Saudis are looking for recently. There are many offers from Jeddah restaurants for the National Day. Citizens and residents alike can also get various meals, drinks and juices at good prices that suit everyone in this city that has dozens of restaurants. You can also eat the meals you want at low prices on this day, which will correspond to the date of the twenty-third of September 2022. It is the day on which King Abdulaziz united the kingdom, and this was in the year 1932 AD. This year’s motto is “She has a home,” and several events will be held to celebrate it. In addition to attractive discounts on various goods, products and trips, including Jeddah restaurants offers on Saudi National Day 1444.

National Day offers 92 restaurants in Jeddah

The National Day offers have been launched at 92 Jeddah restaurants, and among the restaurants that offered discounts, we mention Burger King branches. Which put special discounts on some food items by forty percent. They offer a wrap mix combo, the price of this meal is 19 SAR. What is a king wrap combo, its value is 19 riyals, while the price of a king wrap chicken combo is only 22 riyals.

In addition to the above, KFC has also joined the Jeddah restaurant offers on the National Day. And discounts were offered on their meals, you can get a super packet of nine pieces of chicken with four pieces of bun. Pepsi and coleslaw with fries, all at a price of 89 riyals, as well as a dynamite burger box that includes a chicken piece and a chicken burger sandwich. This is the price of twenty-six and a half Saudi riyals.

Herfy and Sarmad National Day offers in Jeddah

Herfy presented the National Day offers in Jeddah restaurants as well. You can buy four burgers with two fries and two Pepsi for only twenty riyals. This offer is still valid since September 11, while Sarmad Restaurant in Jeddah also offers a special discount of fifteen percent on all customers’ orders in the restaurant, and delivery service to the door of the house is available, and the offer lasts for three days, starting from September 22 to 24 the month.

We have come to the conclusion of an article we devoted to the topic of the National Day offers 92 Jeddah restaurants, in which we mentioned to you the most famous restaurants that offer discounts on National Day meals in Jeddah.

The article is in Arabic

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