National Day / Najran Health .. Continuous achievements under wise leadership The Saudi Press Agency

National Day / Najran Health .. Continuous achievements under wise leadership The Saudi Press Agency
National Day / Najran Health .. Continuous achievements under wise leadership The Saudi Press Agency

Najran 26 Safar 1444 AH corresponding to September 22, 2022 AD
The health sector in the Najran region witnessed prosperity and development in various health services and their quality, in light of the care and attention given by the wise leadership – may God protect him – to the health sector in the Kingdom, and the availability of giant health facilities that include all services and facilities to serve the citizen and the resident, and to facilitate his access to safe health and preventive services In line with the National Vision 2030.
Najran Health has adopted huge projects to raise the level of health services and quality of life in the region, which included the inauguration of a project to develop and equip the intensive care department with a capacity of 16 beds, a project to expand and develop the laboratory, in addition to the inauguration of the project to develop the eye department, and the project to develop the recreational building, and the approval of many health projects that contributed to The high rate of beneficiary satisfaction, starting with the inauguration of health projects in Sharurah governorate at a cost of more than 34 million riyals, and improvement and development projects in a number of hospitals with the aim of improving health and treatment services provided to citizens and residents, in addition to the achievement of Najran health tangible progress in the field of digital interaction with accelerated steps to serve patients and auditors By linking the facilities of the health region with the digital projects and programs launched by the Ministry of Health to serve the citizen and the resident, including the virtual health hospital, which is the largest of its kind in the world, and uses the latest innovative technologies to provide specialized services and support health facilities in the Kingdom, where it supports 152 hospitals, with the aim of facilitating Access to health services and activate the efforts made for community health, disease prevention, and creating a healthy environment is safe.
The Director-General of Health Affairs in Najran, Dr. Ibrahim Bani Hamim, confirmed that Najran’s health achieved during the year 2021 various awards and advanced positions in the secret visitor programs, the Wazen program and the Ihsan Award, which fall under the national transformation initiatives aimed at improving the level of services and health care to reach the satisfaction of beneficiaries. ,
He pointed to the continuation of national achievements, and the country celebrates the 92nd National Day, with the Kingdom’s presence among the ranks of developed countries in various economic, political, scientific, health and sports fields, and the achievement of global achievements, in line with the National Vision 2030, as an extension of the achievements made globally in addressing the global pandemic and its ability to deal with crises and disasters, and harnessing all possibilities to preserve human health without looking at the variables from the human perspective first.
Pointing to the Kingdom’s presence among the first countries in the world to lift the precautionary and preventive measures related to combating the Corona pandemic, which came as a result of the success in combating the pandemic, thanks to God, and then the unlimited support of the rational leadership supported by God, and the concerted national efforts from all sides, the effectiveness of the vaccination program and the high rates of immunization and immunity against The virus is in the dear homeland, praise be to God.
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