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Corn prices stabilized today, Thursday, September 22, 2022, of various types “Argentinean, Brazilian, Romanian and Ukrainian”, in the local market at wholesalers, following a wave of huge rise in all types of imported corn, during yesterday’s trading, by an amount ranging from 250: 280 pounds Ton.

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Engineer Tarek Zaki Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Alexandria, announced the official start of the harvest season in Alexandria for the crop of maize and sorghum, in agricultural flats in the Abis area of ​​the Khorshid Agricultural Administration.

He explained, in press statements, last Tuesday, that the planted of the maize crop this year is 22,643 acres, 17 carats and 20 shares, while the target reached 53,298 acres, noting that another harvest day for the crop will be implemented during the coming days in agricultural areas in the region. Ameria.

It is worth noting that the Minister of Agriculture had announced the accession of the corn crop to the contract farming system this year; Due to its great importance, by contracting with the Poultry Producers Association, a minimum of 6000 pounds per ton as a guarantee price, provided that the farmer gets the highest price at the time of selling the crop.

On the global market front, the prices of corn futures contracts rose on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, at the opening of the fourth trading session of the week.

and publish «markets for information» To its followers, corn prices at the wholesaler in its daily report, which showed stability today in the purchasing value of Argentine, Brazilian, Romanian and Ukrainian corn.

Corn prices today «tons»

Brazilian corn

The price of Brazilian corn stabilized, to record the purchasing value of the tonne, 9,780 pounds.

Argentine corn

The price of a ton of Argentine corn was also fixed, to record 9,780 pounds.

Romanian corn

The Romanian corn price recorded 9,700 pounds.

Ukrainian corn

The price of Ukrainian corn stabilized, to achieve the purchasing value of a ton at 9,650 pounds.

corn prices Today at the Chicago Stock Exchange

Corn futures prices rebounded at the opening of trading today, Thursday, September 22, 2022, on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as the December 2022 contract for corn trading rose to 688 cents per bushel, an increase of 2.5 cents.

The March 2023 contract for corn increased to 691.75 cents per bushel, an increase of 1.5 cents, at the time of writing.

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