Did Trump hide secret documents in his ex-wife’s grave? | Arabic and International | Rum News Agency

Did Trump hide secret documents in his ex-wife’s grave? | Arabic and International | Rum News Agency
Did Trump hide secret documents in his ex-wife’s grave? | Arabic and International | Rum News Agency
rum – It’s easy to believe anything when it comes to former President Donald Trump. And perhaps the wildest thing in the theory of madness and out of the ordinary that a former US president. He hid top-secret documents in a coffin that supposedly contained the remains of his first wife, which he buried in an airfield

So what is the story?

On August 8, the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago to search for top-secret documents that the former president allegedly escaped with. FBI agents have already confiscated more than 20 boxes, some of which contain top-secret files.

Too many documents lost from secret folders

So what better place to put these “lost” records than in a casket buried on a golf course?

Wasn’t Trump able to hide classified nuclear information in a coffin to protect himself?

This hypothesis was spread on the networking sites, and was put forward by the Guardian newspaper in a lengthy article.

Trump and the disposal of documents

Not only did Trump tore up documents that were supposed to be kept under the Presidential Records Act, the Guardian says Trump had other ways, he was flushing the documents down the toilet.

The rumor machine began circulating with information that the sarcophagus of Ivana, the late Trump wife, carried the missing documents, and indicated many contradictions.

Heavy coffin buried on a golf course

On the morning of the funeral, conflicting reports began to circulate, and it was not yet known whether Ivana would be buried or cremated.” On the same day, a Bulgarian website called Darik News claimed that “Ivana Trump was cremated in the Catholic Church in New York City” and provided no evidence for that.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that Ivana’s sarcophagus made of wood and gold did not carry a body, but rather her ashes – because her body was secretly cremated, and she was buried on a golf course.. Let’s stop here..

A grave on a golf course is a strange thing that fueled conspiracy theories, and the justification was that New Jersey exempts cemeteries from taxes, maybe Trump did .. But it was an argument that was not convincing and seemed to be unlikely.

Less than a week after the raid on Trump’s residence, rumors that Ivana’s coffin had buried secret documents became news to popular news sites.

Details that “the bearers of the casket were 10 people traveling to lift the casket which appears to have been loaded with large amounts of paper, and the burial on a golf course was to make sure that no one would attempt to exhume this grave.”

Conspiracy theorists thought they were about to achieve something.

In the end, the whole story is full of loopholes and contradictions, sometimes logical and at other times irrational. If Trump used a fake coffin to get rid of the documents, the FBI would open it if he wanted. The accusations about Ivana continue to circulate and it’s a chilling reminder that the most vile, if true, conspiracy often has the longest staying power and Ivana Trump, even in her death, was unable to escape her ex-husband’s drama.

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