Aden News – Who is Dr. Muhammad Al-Saqqaf, appointed as the new director of the Aden Refinery?

Aden News – Who is Dr. Muhammad Al-Saqqaf, appointed as the new director of the Aden Refinery?
Aden News – Who is Dr. Muhammad Al-Saqqaf, appointed as the new director of the Aden Refinery?
Today, Thursday, the Executive Director of the Aden Refineries Company, Mr. Ahmed Massad Saeed, issued a decision appointing Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Saqqaf as the director of the refinery.
Below is the biography of the new director of the refinery.

Name: Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Saqqaf.

– Ph.D., University of Chemical Technology and Minerals, Sofia, Bulgaria 1993-1998.
– Master in Petroleum – University of Petrochemical Technology, Zagreb – Croatia, former Yugoslavia 1976-1981.

*work experience*

– 35 years of practical experience in the petroleum refining industry, including 15 years of management experience.
– Shift Supervisor in the Aden Refinery Operations Department, 1981-1985.
– A shift supervisor in the production units, crude oil refining units, aromatic materials extraction unit using sulfur dioxide, the refinery laboratory for examining petroleum products, and the refinery port for loading and unloading oil derivatives

*Operations Engineer and Technical Services Manager, Aden Refinery, 1985-2011*

Evaluate the performance of equipment in production units and suggest the required treatments.
Describe the new required equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers and condensers.

– Selection and evaluation of chemicals used in production units and power plant in refineries.
Contribute to the operation and evaluation of the performance of new production units.
Introducing and evaluating chemicals added to diesel and fuel oil to improve their flow rate
Managing some projects in the refinery, such as:
– Upgrading the column trays of the crude oil distillation unit from the cups to the valves. This modernization increased productivity and reduced maintenance time and cost.
Completing the change in the liquefied petroleum gas production unit, which led to the exclusion of some equipment and the reduction of production costs.

– Changing the reactor gas condensing section of the catalytic reforming unit from using water to air. This change was adopted due to frequent failure of the condensate tubes. Data for the refinery development project were collected and examined and participated in the discussion of the final reports submitted by UOB and Foster Wheeler.
– Participation in the review and discussion of the project of the automotive gasoline production complex prepared by UOP and IBIP.

– Fuel and Engine Testing, Aden Refinery Laboratory, Research Division
– Testing different octane number boosters on samples of gasoline produced in Aden Refinery. Testing and selection of improved chemical additives for the flow of diesel and fuel oil.

*Chief Engineer at Aden Refinery, March 2011 – May 2016*

Monitor and follow up the activities of the various departments in the refinery, such as: – Maintenance, power generation, project planning and implementation, refinery warehouses, asset purchases and spare parts.
Direct supervision of the disposal of harmful substances such as chlorine, ammonia and tetraethyl lead
– Supervising the preparation of the site of the new power station.
Performing the duties of the refinery manager in his absence.

*Training programs attended*

– Training course on “Technology of Petrol Refining Processes” Spain 1992. Seminar on “Designing Oil Refining Processes”, USA 2001 Study tour on the transition from pneumatic to digital control in oil refining processes, Japan, 2001.
Training courses in various issues of refining, safety, environment, risks, causes and analysis. These courses were held in Yemen, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Malaysia.

*Conferences: Participate in the following conferences*

Petrochemical industry held by the United Nations, Austria, 1985.

96′ Motor Fuel held by Slovnaft, Slovak Republic, 1996.

Annual Conferences of Chemists in Bulgaria, 1996 – 1998

The Arab Chemists Conference held by the Yemeni Chemical Society in November 2000 AD.

To whom. The 14th Annual Meeting of the ERTC, Berlin, November 2009. – The 15th Annual Meeting of the ERTC, Istanbul, November 2010.

Yemeni Oil and Gas Conference, June 2002, Yemen. ARTC Fifth Annual Meeting, Bangkok, April 2002.

ARTC 9th Annual Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, March 2006. 11th ERTC Annual Meeting, Paris, November 2006.

*academic work*

From June 1993 until May 1999 while preparing for a PhD at the University of Chemical Technology and Minerals in Sofia, Bulgaria, I participated in educational programs as a consultant and supervisor for several students from different countries preparing their experimental work in the university laboratory for their master’s degree in Petroleum Technology.
– As an arbitrator for many scientific articles presented in conferences and scientific publications.
– As an arbitrator for several diplomas to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Aden.

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