The longest sitting king of Europe on the throne and Elizabeth’s cousin… Who is the Queen of Denmark?

The 82-year-old Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, tested positive for the Corona virus, after returning home from the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, on Monday.

After the death of her British counterpart on September 8, Queen Margaret has now found herself the longest-reigning queen in Europe and the longest-reigning on the international stage, with the exception of the Sultan of Brunei, according to The Independent.

Although many other royal families had queens of their own, these women were the wives of kings, and they got their titles because of them, rather than inheriting the responsibility of ruling, as Margaret did.

He attended the grand funeral of Elizabeth alongside her son, Crown Prince Frederick, whose wife Mary was apparently “uninvited”, after an embarrassing diplomatic blunder, and was seen shedding tears in front of the late Queen’s coffin at Westminster Abbey.

Margaret and Elizabeth II are very close, being grandchildren of Queen Victoria and their friendship stretches back decades, and both women share a passion for dogs, and a relationship strong enough to address each other by their nicknames, Daisy and Lillibet, respectively.

Upon learning of the British Queen’s death, Margaret became the first foreign queen to pay tribute to her, writing a moving letter to King Charles III expressing her condolences. ‘I send you and Camilla my warmest thoughts and prayers…’ she said. ‘She was an outstanding figure among the kings of Europe and a great inspiration to all of us. We will miss her very much.”

By an unfortunate coincidence, a major event to celebrate Margaret’s golden jubilee and fifty years of public service was scheduled for the Monday immediately after Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral, and attendance was reduced.

*About her life*

Margaret was born on April 16, 1940, the eldest daughter of Frederick IX of Denmark and Ingrid of Sweden, just one week after Nazi Germany invaded her homeland.

She and her two younger sisters grew up; Princess Benedict and Princess Anne Marie, at Frederick VIII Palace in Amalienborg, Copenhagen, and at Fredensborg Palace in North Zealand.

She became a presumptive heir before her uncle, Prince Knud, thanks to a constitutional amendment that took effect in 1953, without which she would have been prevented from making history, as the first woman to sit on the throne of Denmark since Margaret I, who ruled the Scandinavian kingdoms between 1375 and 1412.

Margaret II did not wear the tiara until her father’s death on 14 January 1972, when she was 32 years old, six years older than Elizabeth when it was time to accede to the throne.

By then, she had studied at Cambridge and the Sorbonne, had traveled in America, met Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis, and married the French diplomat Henrique de Laborde de Monpezat in June 1967, with whom she had two sons, Frederic and Joachim.

Prince Henrik was apparently less comfortable being a prince (rather than a king) than Britain’s Prince Philip, but he nevertheless carried out his duties until his death at Fredensburg Palace, February 2018, at the age of 81.

Margaret has proven to be a very popular queen throughout her reign, despite being criticized at times for bad behavior during televised speeches, especially during the early days of the Corona virus epidemic.

She is known for her passion for illustration, fashion design and archeology, and her staunch refusal to quit smoking, a habit that led her to be dubbed the “Ashtray Queen”.

Her unique taste in clothes has also raised eyebrows on many occasions.

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