Who is the wife of Tarek Shawky, the former Minister of Education?

Who is the wife of Tariq Shawky, the former Minister of Education? His work in the ministry, and he gained practical experience by virtue of his work in the United States of America for more than twenty years, so he followed the details of his personal life to Tariq Shawqi to reach him.

Who is Tarek Shawky on Wikipedia?

Tarek Shawky is an engineer, academic and former Minister of Education. Shawky was born in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and completed his academic studies in mechanical engineering, then completed his studies in the United States of America. He worked as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute in the eighties, and at the end of his work he received the American Presidential Award for Excellence. Shawky taught for more than ten years at UNESCO and advocated the reform movement in education, communication and technology.

Tariq Shawky Biography

Tarek Shawky is one of the flags of the state of Egypt, and the following is his personal information

  • Full name Tariq Jalal Shawky Ahmed Shawky.
  • The pseudonym is Tariq Shawky.
  • Date of Birth Born on June 12, 1957 AD.
  • Age 65 years.
  • Astrological sign Gemini.
  • Place of birth Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Egyptian nationality.
  • Muslim religion.
  • Qualifications Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering.
  • Alma Alma Cairo University, Brown University.
  • Civil status Married.
  • The number of children is two.
  • Brother Omar Shawky.
  • Academic position, former Minister of Education.
  • Years of activity He started his professional activity in 1985 and continues to this day.

Who is the wife of Tarek Shawky, the former Minister of Education?

The wife of the former Minister of Education, Tariq Shawky, is Mrs. Zainab Morshedy, who is of Egyptian origin. He is in the sixth decade of his life. Tarek Shawky has been associated with his wife for years and has appeared in the media only once, and after her husband adopted the new education project, Mrs. Zainab said in the meeting that she is proud With her husband, she supports him in every step and she is passionate about this project because she sees that her husband made every effort to do so.

The cause of the death of Minister Tariq Shawky’s wife

The cause of Zainab Morshedy’s death was the deterioration of her health in her last days. She recently suffered from symptoms of the disease, forcing her to move to the hospital for a few days, and then she died today on September 22, 2022 AD. Tariq Shawqi mourned his wife through his official account on Facebook and added

Stay and persevere for God, I have mercy on the mercy of God Almighty, my dear wife, Mrs. Zainab Al-Murshidi, and the funeral prayer will be held after the afternoon prayer at the Police Mosque in the first assembly, God willing, we only say what pleases our Lord, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return.

Information about the family of Tariq Shawky

Tariq Shawky’s family is considered one of the oldest well-known families in the Arab world. On a personal level, he was associated with his wife, Zainab Morshedy, and from their marriage resulted in his eldest son Omar and his daughter Nora. In the context, the younger brother of Tariq Shawky is the well-known Egyptian engineer Omar Shawky, and the latter keeps the latter with his information The other character, secretive and away from the media.

Tariq Shawky is on Facebook

Tarek Shawky, the former Minister of Education, has a private account on Facebook, through which he publishes his new work, personal life and future vision in the world of education or engineering. Tarek Shawky follows hundreds of thousands of Egyptians.

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