The price of the new iPhone 14 in installments from Amazon Saudi Arabia with an interest of 0%

Any Saudi citizen or resident can buy a phone iPhone 14 From Amazon company Saudi Arabia is useless, as the American company Apple announced its new phone on September 7 of this month, and it was launched in the global and Arab markets on September 16, 2022, and there was a strong demand for the purchase of the phone by Saudi citizens, as the phone achieved a large percentage of sales per day The first to put it on the market, Saudis and citizens in the Arab region love Apple phones, as they consider them one of the most important manifestations of sophistication, progress and keeping pace with technological development. iPhone 14 The new one has great capabilities, as it comes with a powerful A15 Bionic processor, and also supports the operation of two contact cards. iPhone 14 price in installments from Amazon.

iPhone 14 price in installments from Amazon

We will get to know you iPhone 14 price In installments from Amazon, which is as follows:-

  • The price of the phone from Amazon Saudi Arabia in installments is 4299 Saudi riyals.
  • The monthly installment for the phone is 358.25 Saudi riyals with zero interest, and the price includes value-added tax.
  • The size of the internal mobile memory is 256 SAR, and the RAM capacity is 6 GB.
  • Customers can return the product for free without any return fee.

iPhone 14 specifications

There are many specifications that a mobile phone has iPhone 14 It is as follows:-

  1. The phone supports near-field communication via NFC technology.
  2. It comes with two SIM cards, the first of the nano-SIM type, and the second of the eSim type, which is an electronic chip.
  3. The phone comes with a glass front and back, and an aluminum side frame.
  4. The phone supports the operation of the fifth generation network, as well as the operation of the rest of the other networks.
  5. The phone comes with a powerful A15 Bionic processor that works with 5 nano technology, and it also comes with an Apple GPU 5 Core graphics processor, which is the same old processor that came with the iPhone 13 phones.
  6. The phone is dust-resistant, and water-resistant up to 6 meters under water for half an hour with the IP68 standard.

iPhone 14 camera specifications

Specifications of the new iPhone 14 cameras

The phone comes with four cameras, 2 front cameras and 2 rear cameras, and their specifications are as follows:-

  • The first front camera has a resolution of 12 mega pixels, and it supports autofocus.
  • The second front camera for a phone iPhone 14 It is used to unlock the phone through Face ID technology.
  • The resolution of the first rear camera is 12 mega-pixels, which is the primary camera for the mobile, and the camera also supports the ISO optical stabilizer.
  • The second rear camera has a accuracy of 12 megapixels, which is a camera for wide photography, and the rear cameras have an LED flash.

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