Who is Hala Al-Tuwaijri? – Wikipedia

Who is Hala Al-Tuwaijri Wikipedia, one of the most prominent and famous personalities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has many works that distinguished her during her career, and women entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after developing in several fields, as well as entering the field of industry, commerce and politics, and ended up walking Along with men to work in Al-Nahda, and among the prominent female figures in Saudi Arabia is Hala Al-Tuwaijri, who we will introduce to you closely through and through everything related to her personal and professional life.

Who is Hala Al-Tuwaijri? – Wikipedia

Hala Al-Tuwaijri is the head of the Human Rights Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who assumed this position on September 22, 2022 AD, June 2017, born in 1974. He holds a BA, PhD and MA in English literature from King Saud University and worked as a teaching assistant at the same university.

Hala Al-Tuwaijri Biography

Because Ms. Hala Al-Tuwaijri is constantly working to support women in various ways, whether it is by providing them with job opportunities or in all other areas of life, she is so popular that people constantly ask about her, and the following is the most important information about her

  • Full name Hala bint Mazyad bin Muhammad Al-Tuwaijri.
  • Name and surname Hala Al-Tuwaijri.
  • Place of birth Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Date of birth 1974 AD
  • The place of residence is Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Heavenly religion of believers in religion
  • Nationality He holds Saudi citizenship.
  • Saudi ethnicity.
  • my Nationality is Saudi.
  • Alma Alma King Saud University.
  • Qualifications: PhD in English Literature.
  • Profession is an academic politician.
  • The position is the head of the Human Rights Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The date of assuming the position is September 22, 2022 AD.
  • Arabic mother tongue – Saudi dialect.
  • Other languages ​​English.

The most prominent sites occupied by Hala Al-Tuwaijri

Throughout her career, Ms. Hala held many prestigious positions, and the following is an appendix of these positions in detail

  • June 2017, she assumed the position of Secretary General of the Family Affairs Council in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • In April 2022, she became a management consultant in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, ranked fifteenth, adding that she is the head of the women’s empowerment team in the G20.
  • September 2022 Chairman of the Human Rights Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How old is Hala Al-Tuwaijri?

Hala Al-Tuwaijri’s age from 47 years until 2022 AD, Hala Al-Tuwaijri was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1974 AD, she studied English at King Saud University and held many positions. Saud and the news spread recently because of her assumption of the new position, which is the presidency of the Commission for Human Rights in it.

The most important memberships of Hala Al-Tuwaijri

Ms. Hala Al-Tuwaijri belongs to more than one organization and committee, and the following is a list of its most important members

  • Membership of the Women’s Committee in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the Women’s Work Committee in the Arab Labor Organization.
  • And membership of the advisory board of the cultural program of the Saudi Society for Culture and Heritage.
  • Then, she was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Princess Noura Award for Women’s Excellence.

Who is Hala Al-Tuwaijri’s husband?

The husband of the politician and academic Hala Al-Tuwaijri has not known in the media until now, the distinguished Saudi Hala, has not yet revealed any information about her marriage, but it is not known whether she was previously married, or if he has children, and people began to wonder about his personal life Following the news that he has recently taken over his new political position.

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