Pictures That Can Make You Dizzy: A Woman Defying New York’s Tall Structures From Buildings to Cranes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – In 2017, the American, who referred to herself as “Mahnaji”, was in a very transitional period in her life, feeling that she didn’t know who she was.

Rooftopping has always been something she’s curious about. “One day, I woke up and decided to go out and give it a try,” she said in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

Five years later, Muhannaji, originally from South Asia, was able to explore some of the tallest structures in the United States.

Mhannaji enjoys urban exploration, exploring abandoned places. , plain_textCredit: Lil Mahnaji

Since then, Mhannaji, who asked that her real name not be used due to the dangerous nature of surface climbing, has gained thousands of followers who are closely watching her adventures.

Mahnaji defined rooftop climbing as climbing to the highest man-made structures, not limited to skyscrapers only, but also bridges, cranes, and others.

Unlike free climbing, the climbing of surfaces is done from within the structure itself.

Mahnaji amaze her online followers with her bold images from the top of New York City’s structures. , plain_textCredit: Lil Mahnaji

Mhannaji does the majority of her adventures around New York City, and has so far succeeded in climbing 3 of the 5 tallest buildings in the United States, according to what she mentioned.

The 472-meter-high Central Park Tower was the tallest tower to reach its top.

This tower is considered the tallest residential building in the world.

type="image/webp">Crazy pictures that can make you dizzy .. This woman defies the tall structures of New York>
Photo taken during one of her adventures. , plain_textCredit: Lil Mahnaji

Exploring high-rise urban landscapes is her favorite part when it comes to rooftop climbing.

“These are the views that the majority of people in the city cannot access. These views should be free, but they are not,” she said, explaining that the only way to access them is usually by paying millions of dollars to buy an apartment, or Rent an office in these buildings.

fantasy pictures

type="image/webp">Crazy pictures that can make you dizzy .. This woman defies the tall structures of New York>
Mhannaji is terrified, but chooses to move on. , plain_textCredit: Lil Mahnaji

Mahnaji documents her adventures on Instagram to share with her followers.

When browsing her account, you will see a range of goosebumps, such as the scene of her legs dangling from the edge of a fantastically tall building, to other images of her relaxing in a sea of ​​mist.

Mhannaji confirmed that she was really afraid, saying, “I think the difference between surface climbers and ordinary people is that we choose to move forward even though we are afraid.”

For her, this feeling manifests in different ways, such as the fear of falling when it is very windy, the constant fear of falling, and what might happen next.

type="image/webp">Crazy pictures that can make you dizzy .. This woman defies the tall structures of New York>
Muhannaji receives a lot of positive comments, and negative comments encourage her to continue on her adventures. , plain_textCredit: Lil Mahnaji

Mahnaji has received positive feedback from various people around the world, and many people find it a Source of inspiration.

Besides climbing rooftops, Mhannaji pursues urban exploration, as well as exploring deserted places.

Her adventures around New York’s urban landmarks fuel this art and adventure: “At this point, I don’t just want to share cool, extreme photos, but photos that have a purpose, that go beyond the exciting initial impression of rooftop photography,” she said.

The article is in Arabic

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