“On the Saudi Day” .. Hope returns to Yemen – Saudi News

“On the Saudi Day” .. Hope returns to Yemen – Saudi News
“On the Saudi Day” .. Hope returns to Yemen – Saudi News

With the celebration of the 92nd National Day, the Saudi role in supporting the Yemeni government and working to heal the rift and unite all Yemeni political forces under the umbrella of legitimacy is highlighted, in a way that contributes to enhancing stability and confronting the challenges facing Yemen and the region.

Saudi Arabia succeeded in unifying the Yemeni ranks, returning the legitimate government to work from the temporary capital, Aden, implementing the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, and supporting the Yemeni national economy with $3 billion, including $600 million for the Support and Purchase Fund for Oil Derivatives, $400 million to support development projects, and $300 million to fund the humanitarian response plan, not to mention Expressing his full support for the Presidential Command Council and its supporting entities to enable it to exercise its tasks in implementing effective policies and initiatives that would achieve security and stability in Yemen and end crises.

This generous support from the Kingdom to Yemen led to the recovery of the Yemeni riyal against the dollar and foreign currencies after years of continuous collapse, which reflected positively on the lives of civilians in various Yemeni cities, including the areas under Houthi control, and led to an improvement in the living situation and a decline in food prices.

Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an Arab military alliance to save Yemen from the coup of the Houthi militia against the legitimate government in Yemen, it has taken upon itself the force of arms to defeat the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthis, and at the same time harnessed its capabilities to reduce the economic risks of the coup, and provided cash and oil assistance to save the economy To whom.

It represented Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive plan for humanitarian operations in Yemen for the year 2018, and the initiatives to support and enhance the economic and humanitarian situation, and to reconstruct Yemen and move the economy, and create job opportunities for the Yemeni people inside their country and correct the conditions of more than 500,000 Yemenis inside the Kingdom, as well as bringing thousands to work inside Saudi Arabia with official visas and extending a hand Aid to Yemen and its people in various fields, as it provided more than 18 billion dollars, launched multiple development projects, and provided more aid, in order to save Yemen, and rebuild and rehabilitate it after the destruction and violations of the terrorist Houthi militia.

The Kingdom called on the United Nations organizations to assist the Central Bank of Yemen, and asked them to practically contribute to saving the riyal by depositing money for them in the account of the Central Bank of Yemen instead of Yemeni commercial banks outside the country. The SDRPY also supported the Yemeni economy, creating Dozens of jobs for Yemenis in various fields, and it provided great investment and job opportunities, for example, what was done in the Marib airport project, and among the multiple projects launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the King Salman Educational and Medical City, and the establishment of centers for incurable diseases in all Yemeni governorates. The Kingdom finally succeeded in reconciling the Yemeni parties in accelerating the Riyadh Agreement, which resulted in integrated steps that included military and political solutions, which pushed the Yemeni file forward. Riyadh also embraced the Yemeni-Yemeni consultations at the invitation of the Gulf Cooperation Council, whose outputs have resulted in healing the rift and uniting all Yemenis. Under the leadership of the Presidential Leadership Council headed by Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, which strengthened the unity and word of Yemenis and led to the exposure of Iranian interference and its militias allied with Al-Qaeda. These successes, which came as a result of Saudi Arabia pushing its political and diplomatic weight to achieve them, showed the extent of Yemenis’ confidence in Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and Deputy Defense Minister in charge of the Yemeni file, Prince Khalid bin Salman, who were with the Yemenis through thick and thin. , which contributed to cutting off Houthi terrorism and thwarted Iran’s plan to annex Yemen to failed states.

A member of the Riyadh Consultations Hamza Al-Jubeihi told Okaz: “Saudi Arabia is the only country that throws its political, economic and military weight and bears the consequences of its decisions in support of our country, and all this is in order to save the Yemeni human being without any interests or goals, unlike Iran, which carries out genocide on a daily basis, whether by diverting roads. The land has turned into minefields or by indiscriminate bombing with missiles and drones on residential neighborhoods, in addition to the besieging of millions of children, women and the elderly in the city of Taiz for 8 years.”

Al-Jubeihi added: “Saudi Arabia does not move on the military or economic side. Rather, its diplomacy is actively active regionally and internationally in order to support the right of the Yemeni people to live in peace and stability and to work with all its capabilities to reach a comprehensive and lasting peace. Saudi diplomacy in all international forums confirms its keenness on peace, The goals of the coalition to support legitimacy led by the Kingdom put at the top of its priorities reaching a comprehensive political solution, explaining that the Kingdom is pushing towards a Yemeni national partnership government that brings together all parties, away from the influence of a party or party at the expense of the rest of the Yemenis or trying to miss the opportunity on Iran and the Houthis. By continuing the war in which the Yemeni people fall victim and threatens the security and stability of the region and the world.” He pointed out that the Saudi diplomatic activity exposed Iran and its militias and put the regional and international forces influencing the Yemeni file in front of their responsibilities that they must carry out and support the international efforts to reach a truce. In addition to exposing the crimes and violations practiced by the militia against civilians in a number of cities. Al-Jubeihi mentioned a number of aspects of the support provided by Saudi Arabia to his country, most notably the reconstruction of the service institutions, hospitals, and schools that were destroyed by the Houthis, as well as the construction and paving of roads, in addition to providing relief to more than 25 million people, and caring for and sheltering about 500,000 families who were displaced within the Kingdom to escape Houthi persecution, in addition to Taking care and sheltering more than 6 million displaced people inside Yemen, not to mention the various humanitarian support, and all this, if indicated, indicates the Kingdom’s white hands towards our people.

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