$45 billion in unemployment benefits embezzled in the United States

$45 billion in unemployment benefits embezzled in the United States
$45 billion in unemployment benefits embezzled in the United States

A US appeals court on Wednesday restored the authority of the Justice Department to review classified documents obtained by federal authorities in a raid on the home of former US President Donald Trump in Florida last month.

The New York Times described the latest decision as a “victory for the federal investigators” and their efforts to reveal whether Trump hid classified government documents at his home.

In a “strongly worded” 29-page decision, the newspaper reported that the appeals court withheld part of a judicial decision that temporarily suspended the Justice Department’s use of classified documents in its investigation with Trump, and if the latter impeded government efforts to retrieve them.

The Judicial Committee of the Court of Appeals, made up of three judges, said in its decision that it “supports” the Justice Department’s claim that “the district court erred in its judicial power to prohibit the use of secret records by the United States in its criminal investigation and to require the United States to turn over those classified documents.” for an independent expert.

The panel is made up of two Trump-appointed judges, Brett Grant and Andrew Brashear, and a judge appointed by former President Barack Obama, Robin Rosenbaum.

Last week, the US Department of Justice announced that it would appeal a federal judge’s decision to allow the appointment of an independent expert to review documents seized by the FBI during a search of Trump’s home.

The Republican billionaire had asked the court to appoint an independent third party to examine documents seized during this unprecedented security operation for a former president, so that he could determine what could be returned to him or classified as “secret” and could not be used in that investigation targeting him.

Judge Ellen Cannon, appointed by Trump in 2020, decided on September 5 to accept his request in a victory for the former president.

In addition to announcing its intention to appeal the decision, the Ministry of Justice requested the suspension of the judge’s ruling that prevents authorities from accessing “top secret” documents in its investigation.

Ministry lawyers said the documents belonged to the executive branch, not the former president.

The ministry had strongly opposed the appointment of an independent third party, saying that this could prevent investigators from accessing the documents and “would severely harm the interests of the government, including in the field of national security.”

Donald Trump responded to the department’s announcement, praising the judge’s “courageous and brilliant” decision.

Trump wrote on his “Truth Social” network that the FBI and the administration “will spend millions of dollars and a great deal of time and effort…instead of fighting record corruption and crime unfolding before our eyes.”

The FBI agents, when searching the Mar-a-Lago resort on August 8, found classified documents.

In its file, the court said the documents were so sensitive that “FBI counterintelligence agents and Department of Justice attorneys required additional clearances before they were allowed to view specific documents.”

Trump confirmed that these documents have been declassified.

A detailed list of what was confiscated on August 8 from Trump’s home reveals that he kept more than 11,000 classified and non-confidential documents related to the state.

Trump asserts that he has the right to keep it, but it is legally returned to the National Archives.

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