Details of the story of the hashtag “Stop the Karrada harasser in Iraq.. Who is the Karrada harasser?” life Washington

Details of the story of the hashtag “Stop the Karrada harasser in Iraq.. Who is the Karrada harasser?” life Washington
Details of the story of the hashtag “Stop the Karrada harasser in Iraq.. Who is the Karrada harasser?” life Washington

Details of the story of the hashtag “Stop the Karrada harasser in Iraq.. Who is the harasser of Karrada?” Thousands of Iraqis and Arab countries search through the search engine on Google and other platforms for details about the harasser in Karrada, after a video clip was circulated showing an Iraqi person practicing vice in a public vehicle, as the pioneers of social communication.

The Iraqis launched on their digital accounts the hashtag entitled “Stop the Karrada harasser,” which reached the trending list on Twitter, Facebook and others. life Washington All the details that talk about this incident after demands from the people to stop him, imprison him and bring him to legal justice. They also demanded the official security authorities to intervene according to the law to stop the farce and harassment scandals, and the full story is in the following lines:

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The story of the Karrada harasser in Iraq

As a result of continuous searches to find out what happened, the site team attached the video, which is in the link over here Citizens are still familiar with it amid widespread denunciation, rejection and condemnation, and the following are some of the comments about the incident, which are as follows:

Video details: Stop the harasser of Karrada in Iraq

A video clip of a person inside a vehicle in the middle of the street appears, practicing ugly and indecent behavior, as it was widely circulated on social media, which prompted the citizens to launch a tag entitled “Stop the Karrada harasser in Iraq” and demanded the concerned authorities to arrest him. Below is the video.

Who is the harasser of Karrada in Iraq?

Rizk Al-Najjar attached a picture of the harasser, and commented on the Karrada harasser tag in Iraq, saying: “The clearest picture of the harasser, the savage, who appeared in a video doing a scandalous act 18+ in a public place, and the concerned authorities should take their part in punishing him.”

Ahmed Muhannad commented: Digging the Tizab is Saddam’s money, where did it go? To collect one complaint, such as this animal, and kill them with it, the girl who comes out alone is the simplest thing to carry an electric shock, the work has increased tricks!! Do you expect the drug-country society to enter it more than wheat grains? And the borders are unchecked. Millions enter without inspection.”

The General Union of Revolution commented: Harassment is a bad phenomenon, and the worst of it is to justify the harassers.. Karrada’s harasser. There are hundreds of others, but without evidence and without government punishment! The girl is free to wear it and go out anywhere, and all blame should not be blamed on her on the pretext that her clothes are indecent! “.

Uday commented on the hashtag “Stop the Karrada harasser: A savage in Baghdad is harassing a girl, so she films him groping his penis and waits for public opinion and the competent and legal authorities to hold him accountable and to renounce these immoral behaviors that are completely contrary to Iraqi values ​​and principles.” Baghdad – Karrada The harassers must be held accountable and put an end to this phenomenon.”

Karrada harasser arrested

The Iraqi security authorities are searching for the harasser in Karrada in order to arrest him. The Ministry of Interior has not issued a statement or press statement regarding the arrest even when this article was written, and it is likely that he will be arrested and brought to legal justice.

Abeer wrote: Imagine the girls living in a joyful and disgusting environment. They are all harassers, harassers, and murderers. They have to go out, work and study, and they are exposed to trauma every day. No law protects them, and no one defends them. The story of the harassers. Weh.

A while ago, I saw a clip of the Mutaher. Sh on the bus
Human animals, an atom of morals, except that there is no strict law that deters them. Because of this, there are many cases and have spread in our society. The amount of animals is unbearable. Women in Iraq are treated as a commodity that is harassed everywhere. Stop the harasser of Karrada

— Bilal Al Jabour

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