Al Baik new menu prices 2022

Al Baik new menu prices 2022 .. Many citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and expatriates residing in the Kingdom are wondering about the recent amendments to the Al Baik menu and the new prices after the amendment after adding some meals as well, which contain a large number of meals and sandwiches and a very long list of food that does not feel bored or routine during Choose from it, and search sites on the Internet were filled with phrases related to menu, prices, and updates that Al Baik Restaurant is making to know the new menu for this restaurant. In this article, we explain everything you want from the modern menu of the restaurant. Which it offers to citizens in addition to its diversity and excellence in many foods such as seafood, chicken, meat as well as falafel and others beside drinks and juices that are served after meals and due to its moderate price compared to the rest of the restaurants in the Kingdom, which has achieved a tremendous spread by reaching citizens in all Saudi Arabia with a very large number of branches.

Al Baik new menu prices 2022

As for the new prices that have been adjusted, the jumbo shrimp meal contains 10 pieces.

Its price reached 21 Saudi riyals, as for the economic meal, which contains 15 pieces of shrimp.

And the one served with potatoes, bread and the sauces in which it is set, its price is 29 Saudi riyals.

Next to the jumbo shrimp sandwich, it came at a price of 6 and 11 SAR, which comes with crispy shrimp.

With bread and salad, while the jumbo fillet sandwich is served with fish, chips and a soft drink.

Its price is 4 riyals, while the famous snack chicken meal is 5 pieces with sauces.

Al Baik new menu prices 2022

Its price is 11 riyals, while the pulled sandwich for chicken with pieces with sauces is offered for only 11 riyals.

As for the chicken accountant, which is offered from 7 to 10 whole pieces, its price is 10.5 Saudi riyals.

And the pickle chicken meal of 4 or 8 pieces is offered at 11.5 Saudi riyals.

And the 4 or 8 pieces of baked chicken meal, which is served with all the toppings.

Its price reached 11.5 Saudi riyals, while Big Bake has a spicy meal with pieces of broasted chicken.

With potatoes, garlic and sauces for 11.5 SAR, and a large natural meal for 11 SAR as well.

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