Who is Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim? .. Thousands of Shiites were buried in a solemn funeral in Egypt

Who is Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim? .. Thousands of Shiites were buried in a solemn funeral in Egypt
Who is Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim? .. Thousands of Shiites were buried in a solemn funeral in Egypt

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homeland- Communication sites in Egypt and the Arab region were buzzing with the mention of the name “Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim”, professor of jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University and head of the Sharia Department at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, after the news of his death was announced yesterday, Monday.

Today, “Abdul-Azim” called many media figures and activists on the social media, describing the deceased as “the sheikh who, in truth, never feared the blame of the blamer.”

The death of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim

Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim mourned his students from various universities, as well as a group of well-known religious figures as well as academic bodies in Egypt and many Arab countries.

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Sheikh Dr. Abbas Shoman, the former deputy representative of Al-Azhar, expressed his sadness at the news of Sheikh Osama’s death, saying: “May God have mercy on Professor Dr. Sheikh: Osama Abdel Azim, Professor of Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Boys’ Studies in Cairo, who joined his Lord after a struggle with illness.”

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The Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars “Ali Al-Qaraghi” mourned the death of Egypt and the Arab countries.

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And he wrote through his official account on the Twitter platform, “I extend to the Islamic world my deepest condolences on the loss of His Eminence, the Sheikh, the divine scholar, the ascetic, the ascetic, the educator, Dr. May God have mercy on him and the patience of his family and students.”

Who is Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim?

Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim gained unparalleled fame among young people as well as adults, because of his simple and elaborate speeches that are easy to understand for all groups, which were widely spread through the communication sites.

In addition, Al-Azhari mourned “Abdullah Rushdi,” the sheikh, describing him as “the rest of the ancestors” and calling for mercy.

He said: “Go to the mercy of God the rest of the ancestors, the scholar, the ascetic, the pious, the educator, our master, Dr. Osama bin Abdul Azim.”

He added: “It was a sign of observing the guidance and urging adherence to the Sunnah. much supplication to God; he cries brokenly in his supplication; prolongs standing for his Lord; It teaches people how to worship God.”

Sheikh Osama Abdel-Azim is an Egyptian Azhar academic who held several positions at Al-Azhar University, the last of which was the Head of the Department of Fasting.

He was famous among young people, especially because of his great passion for their aspirations, and his speeches and lectures served as interpreters and answers to these aspirations and questions that brewed a new generation, contemporary of the old Sheikh of the deceased.

Messages of obituary and condolences for the death of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim did not stop on social media platforms.

The YouTuber and Egyptian content creator “Abdullah Al-Sharif” also interacted with the news of Sheikh Osama’s death, describing him as a scientist who did not pay attention to fame and who gave knowledge a lot.

Al-Sharif said: “A scholar among the Muslim scholars did not pay attention to fame and did not pay attention to him. Scientists and students of knowledge know him and he has a lot of provisions and benefited from his knowledge what God knows about them.. God passed away today and did not take his share of obituaries as he left his share of the world, Dr. Osama Abdel Azim Rais Former Sharia Department and Professor of Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University.

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Condolences on the death of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim

As for Hatem Al-Huwaini, son of the famous Egyptian preacher Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al-Huwaini, he wrote, mourning the death of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim, “asking God to have mercy on him and dwell in Heaven.”

And without: “The eye sheds tears, the heart grieves, and we are saddened by the separation of our sheikh.
May God have mercy on our Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim.. God forgive him and have mercy on him and make his grave a kindergarten from the gardens of paradise.. the death of scholars is a calamity; May God reward us in our calamity.”

For his part, the Palestinian preacher “Jihad Helis” expressed his “sadness for the death of the deceased of the Islamic nation” via a tweet on the Twitter platform.

The journalist writer “Wael Qandil” interacted with the solemn funeral held for Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim, and tweeted through his account on the Twitter platform that “funerals are more reliable news than referendums… May God have mercy on Sheikh Dr. Osama Abdel Azim.”

Head of the Umma Party and Professor of Interpretation and Hadith at Kuwait University, Dr. Hakim Al-Mutairi, in turn, mourned Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim in his death.

He gave condolences to the entire Egyptian and Arab nation for the Sheikh’s death and wrote that Egypt “lost with the death of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim, one of the reformed preachers and divine scholars.”

He explained that “he was a teacher at the College of Sharia in Kuwait in 1987.. He was a preacher in his character, guidance and dignity, so no one sees him but he loves him and his greatness, because of what he sees of his conditions, and he urges his students in every course to memorize and care for the Qur’an.”

The Egyptian translator of the Noble Qur’an, “Fadil Suleiman,” tweeted through his account on the Twitter platform, his condolences to the family of the deceased.

He talked about the last visit that he had with Sheikh Osama and about the blood relationship that she had collected without his knowledge.

Where he wrote: “May God have mercy on Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim. I visited him at his home in the nineties, and we discovered during the session that his mother was the daughter of my grandmother’s aunt, so he got up and brought her and she sat with us.. She told me about the history and secrets in the family that I had not heard. May God have mercy on the Sheikh and his mother, for he was A lover of the Qur’an, I ask God to make him an intercessor for him on the Day of Resurrection.”

It is noteworthy that Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim died, according to his family, after suffering in the past few days of illness, at the age of seventy.

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