Who is Dr. Amani Suleiman Buqmaz, Kuwaiti Minister of Works?

Who is Dr. Amani Suleiman Buqmaz, Kuwaiti Minister of Works, Dr. Amani Suleiman Buqmaz, a university professor in Kuwait, who was appointed as Minister of Works in Kuwait, who is Amani Suleiman Buqmaz, who obtained her new position in the ministry by order of the Emir of Kuwait after she issued a decision to reform the new ministerial government when The resignation of the previous government because of its rejection by Parliament, and through this we will learn about Amani Bokmer and her family’s origins in the country to which she belongs and the details of her appointment as Minister of Works, Energy and Water.

Who is Dr. Amani Suleiman Buqmaz, Kuwaiti Minister of Works?

Amani Bogmaz is a Kuwaiti politician and university professor. He was born in the State of Kuwait and is likely to be over the age of fifty. Amani studied for a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, then completed a master’s degree in Turkey and a doctorate in American universities, and after completing the stages of his studies, he obtained several Political positions, the last of which was a minister in the Ministry of Works and Minister of Electricity and Water on October 16, 2022 AD.

Amani Bouqmaz biography

Amani Boukamer is one of the most famous political figures in the State of Kuwait. The most important information about her biography is as follows

  • Full name Amani Suleiman Abdelwahab Bouqmaz.
  • Place of birth is the State of Kuwait.
  • Year of birth is unknown.
  • Age in his fifties.
  • Residence Kuwait City.
  • Kuwaiti nationality.
  • Religion and Faith Islam.
  • Profession and political activity.
  • The current position is Minister of Works, Water and Electricity.
  • Date of taking office October 16, 2022 AD
  • The mother tongue is Arabic, the Kuwaiti dialect.
  • Other languages ​​English.
  • Qualifications Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Civil Engineering.
  • The name of the parent university is Kuwait University, Middle East Technical University in Turkey, Ohio State University, USA.

Amani Bouqmaz, what will you come back to?

The origins of Amani Bogmaz go back to the State of Kuwait, and the Bogmaz family was one of the families that lived in eastern Kuwait in 1840 AD. This family owned a site affiliated with Salem Bogmaz, in addition to the presence of a diwaniya and architecture in the same area. Al-Shayji, Al-Mahan, Al-Munais, Al-Hasawi and others, and many prominent personalities appeared, the most famous of which is Amani Bouqmaz.

The truth about the appointment of Amani Bouqmaz as Minister of Works

The Emir of Kuwait issued a decree to reform the Ministerial Council less than a month after the issuance of the previous formation, which was rejected by the House of Representatives, and obtained the position of Minister of Public Works, Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, to begin her duties in her new position on October 6, 2022 AD.

These are the positions of Amani Bouqmaz

Amani Bokmer held more than one political and academic position, and among the most famous of these positions are the following

  • Assistant Professor at the College of Engineering and Petroleum, Department of Civil Engineering, Kuwait University.
  • I got more than one job as an engineer in the Ministry of Works.
  • He served as an engineering consultant for several government projects.
  • She participated in many local and international conferences.
  • It is a member of more than one professional society, including the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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