Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography

Who is Sarah Al Tabakh Biography, Sarah Al Tabakh’s name sparked a great controversy on social networking sites, especially after her dispute with the artist Mohamed Al Sharnoubi, who is Sarah Al Tabakh, who is considered one of the most famous artistic personalities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where she excelled a lot in the field of film and media production, Her name appeared as a result of her dispute with the Egyptian actor, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, which was previously discussed, and through this article we will remember.

Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography

Sarah El-Tabbakh is a producer and owner of audio production companies in Egypt, born in 1980. He holds a doctorate in marketing and advertising. At the beginning of her financial career, she worked in public relations for a number of major companies, where she also worked as a song producer for many Arab artists, and was a media consultant for many Famous media personalities, who were engaged to the artist, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi for some time in 2022.

Who is Sarah Al-Tabbakh’s biography?

Sarah El Tabakh’s biography includes:

  • Full name: Sarah Syed Al-Tabbakh
  • Father’s name is Master Chef
  • The pseudonym is Sarah Al-Tabbakh.
  • Date of Birth: I was born in 1980 AD.
  • Place of birth Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • The place of residence is Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  • Age 42 years old.
  • Nationality He holds Egyptian citizenship.
  • Religion and belief embraces the Islamic religion.
  • Marital status Single.
  • Degrees PhD in Marketing.
  • The mother tongue is Arabic.
  • Other languages ​​Egyptian dialect.
  • Occupation: Producer and owner of a film and sound production company.

Who is Sarah’s husband? – Wikipedia

Sarah Al-Tabbakh has not yet married, as she was previously engaged to the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi in 2022, but the association did not last long as they separated after that for undisclosed technical reasons. Egyptian artist and artist Sherine Abdel Wahab.

How old is Sarah El Tabakh now?

Sarah El-Tabbakh is 42 years old, born in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1980, and is considered one of the largest sound producers in Egypt. .

Sarah El Tabakh Instagram account

The official account of the Egyptian producer, Sarah Al-Tabbakh, can be followed directly on the Instagram platform, where she is followed by nearly half a million followers from various Arab countries.

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