Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography

Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography
Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography

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Who is Sarah El Tabakh biography, Which is considered one of the most prominent media personalities in the Republic of Egypt, in addition to her interest in the field of fashion and fashion, she is one of the influential figures in this field. We will review through the most important information about Sarah Al-Tabbakh, her biography and how old she is.

Who is Sarah El Tabakh?

She is an Egyptian producer and owner of a film and audio production company, was born in Alexandria Governorate in 1980 AD. She studied a PhD in the field of marketing and advertising. She began her career in the field of public relations, marketing and communications in the largest media companies, most notably Al-Hayat and An-Nahar channel. She held the position of media advisor for a number of artists, and also produced several albums for many singers.

Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography

Here is the most important information about Sarah El Tabakh:[1]

  • Full name: Sarah master chef
  • Name of the Father: master chef
  • Nickname: Sarah the cook.
  • Date of Birth: 1980 AD.
  • place of birth: Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • residence: The Egyptian capital, Cairo.
  • the age: 42 years old.
  • Nationality: Egyptian.
  • Religion and belief: Muslim.
  • Marital status: Single.
  • Qualifications: She holds a PhD in Marketing.
  • Native language: Arabic.
  • Occupation: Producer and owner of a film and audio production company.

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How old is Sarah El Tabakh?

Sarah El Tabakh’s age is 42 years oldShe was born in the city of Alexandria in 1980 AD, where she grew up, and then moved to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, due to the conditions of her work in the field of marketing. She studied master’s and doctoral degrees in the field of marketing, and she also announced that the credit goes to her teacher, Dr. Dalia Farrag, who instilled in her a love of study and marketing.

Sarah El Tabakh Instagram

Sarah Al-Tabbakh has an official account on the Instagram platform, where the number of her followers exceeds 700 thousand followers. Sarah shares with her followers some pictures of fashion shows, in addition to documenting her presence on the stage as Sherine Abdel Wahab’s business manager. Sarah El-Tabbakh can be followed through her Instagram account via the link “from here”.

Here we come to the conclusion of our article, in which we got acquainted with Who is Sarah El Tabakh Biography As we mentioned who Sarah Al-Tabbakh is on Wikipedia, we also reviewed how old Sarah El-Tabbakh is, and Sarah El-Tabbakh’s Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Sarah’s husband?

    Sarah El Tabakh is unmarried, and in previous years she announced her engagement to singer Mohamed El Sharnoubi after she produced his first album.

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