Today, Israel announces the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, the alternative canal to the Suez Canal

Today, Israel announces the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, the alternative canal to the Suez Canal
Today, Israel announces the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, the alternative canal to the Suez Canal

After Sisi signed the agreement to transfer sovereignty over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, and after the Tiran Corridor was transformed into an international corridor, “Israel” announced today the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, the alternative channel to the Suez Canal, which it announced two years ago, and the establishment operations are likely to start within two months from now.

Two years ago, Hebrew reports stated that the Israeli authorities were planning to establish a canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Israeli engineers explained that by establishing a canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, it would become a competition for the Suez Canal, as the distance between Eilat and the Mediterranean is not far, and is exactly the same as the distance taken by the Suez Canal to connect the Red Sea with the Mediterranean.

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According to sources, if Israel builds the canal from Eilat on the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, it will reduce the distance that ships pass through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean.

She added that “Israel” will build a canal that is not at the base of the Suez Canal, as in the Suez Canal, a day method is used in which ships pass from one direction to another, and on the second day the opposite direction is used for ships going to that direction.

Israel will dig two independent canals, one from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, and the second from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Thus, no ship will be delayed while ships in the Suez Canal spend two weeks in order to cross the Suez Canal, as well as the nature of the land, as it is rocky and hard, bearing any pressure without any Effect unlike the Suez Canal, where the nature of the land is sandy and needs constant follow-up.

Israel intends to establish small cities, hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs on the canal that it will build, which it will call the “Ben Gurion Canal.”

Egypt strongly objected to this matter, threatening to cut off the relationship with “Israel.” Israel did not care, considering that diplomatic relations with Egypt were almost cut off. Nor did Israel care about the military threat.

The canal will be 50 meters deep and not less than 200 meters wide for each channel, which is 10 meters more than the Suez Canal. A ship with a length of 300 meters and a width of 110 meters, which is the largest ship measurement in the world, will be able to cross through the canal that will be built by “Israel.”

As for the construction period, it will be 5 years, and 300,000 employees, including engineers and technicians in all fields, will work in the project, who come from Korea, Asian countries, and Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan to work in this channel, leaving a number of them exceeding 30 thousand to operate the channel. The channel will cost “Israel” About 16 billion can be increased depending on the circumstances of the project, and “Israel” believes that its income will be 6 billion per year and above. This is in addition to the fact that Israel will have the largest artery connecting the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

And “Israel” will establish cities along the canal that resemble the old cities and old houses at a huge distance around the canal, and it is among the clauses of the deal of the century, because Eilat towards the Mediterranean is a semi-desert. And if “Israel” implements this project, Egypt’s income will drop from 10 billion to 4 billion dollars, as “Israel” will receive 6 billion and more, and therefore, “Israel” decided to abandon Egypt even if Egypt canceled Camp David, because “Israel” is confident that if Egypt decided to abolish Camp David. It will not be able to recover the Sinai; Because the Israeli military force is capable of striking the Egyptian army if it crosses the Suez Canal.

Israel will also seek to persuade Jordan to draw water from this canal to the Dead Sea, whose water is decreasing annually. Jordan participates in joint Israeli-Jordanian tourism in the Dead Sea area, and helps Jordan send tourists to the Petra area; Because the Jordanian economy is suffering from negative decline, and it is in dire need of financial support.

As for the security of the Canal, Israel will place spying devices in the depth of the Canal, and will place monitoring devices at the heart of the Canal. It will also erect the largest barrier that detects weapons and will photograph each ship crossing the canal back or forth with a laser beam.

Israel will agree with 3 American banks to lend it the 16 billion at an interest rate of 1 percent, and to return it over a period of 30 years. Thus, “Israel” built the channel from American loans with a simple interest, while it benefits from 6 billion or more per year.
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