Floods and rain flood the streets of Jeddah…and damage a huge number of cars

Floods and rain flood the streets of Jeddah…and damage a huge number of cars
Floods and rain flood the streets of Jeddah…and damage a huge number of cars

Today, Thursday, the heavy rains that took place in Jeddah Governorate (western Saudi Arabia) flooded; A number of main streets and roads in the governorate, leaving a huge number of vehicles damaged.

Video clips showed the extent of the destruction that affected a large number of cars that were covered by rainwater, while torrential waters swept away a number of others in residential neighborhoods.

For his part, the correspondent of “Al-Arabiya” channel from Jeddah confirmed that the executive authorities in the city have mobilized their energy to deal with emergency cases, and the field teams are working on the speedy disposal of water, indicating that a large number of vehicles have been damaged. He continued, saying that “the cars were completely damaged,” pointing to the disruption of traffic in the coastal governorate.

He also explained that the volume of water is very large, reaching 60 ml, adding that “there are very strong winds.”

The automated early warning system of the National Center of Meteorology had raised the level of alert in Jeddah and Shuaiba in Bahra Governorate. To “Warning” due to the heavy rains that are currently taking place.

He also explained that the warning areas include the entire governorate and the coastal parts.

He pointed out that these areas were exposed to thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain, with activity in surface winds, lack of visibility, and hail, with torrents flowing, pointing to the continuation of this situation until three in the evening (Thursday).

The Makkah Al-Mukarramah region also witnessed, today, medium to heavy rains, which prompted the competent authorities to close a number of tunnels, in addition to closing the Al-Haramain Road from Al-Montazah Bridge to King Abdullah Bridge in both directions.

While the region’s emirate announced the closure of the (Makkah-Jeddah) highway as a precaution due to the rains, and in the interest of everyone’s safety.

The Emirate’s Crisis and Disaster Management Center called for avoiding using the Prince Majid tunnels with Palestine in its entirety, King Abdullah with King Fahd towards the north, the university towards the north, King Abdullah with Al Madinah Road towards the west, and King Abdullah with Al Madinah to the west.

It is noteworthy that the General Directorate of Civil Defense urged all citizens and residents to take precautions and caution in light of the climatic condition the Kingdom is witnessing.

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