Bou Asi: There is an intention to disrupt the elections… and this is a systematic assassination

Bou Asi: There is an intention to disrupt the elections… and this is a systematic assassination
Bou Asi: There is an intention to disrupt the elections… and this is a systematic assassination

A member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, Representative Pierre Bou Assi, affirmed, “What is happening in the House of Representatives during the sessions to elect the President of the Republic is much more dangerous than it appears. It is a systematic assassination of the space of freedom that made Lebanon and the deep culture of democracy that distinguished it.”

He explained, via MTV, that this assassination is carried out by the trio, “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement, and their ally, the “Free Patriotic Movement,” stressing that “this talk is a description of reality, not an accusation,” adding: “We nominated MP Michel Moawad with our allies. We We attend the sessions, vote for him, and gather forces in his interest, while they obstruct democratic practice by breaking the quorum.”
He continued, “The nomination of someone who does not belong to them has become a ‘crime’ from their perspective. There is an innovation that has not been witnessed in the history of political work, which is the other team’s saying to us: “As long as you nominate someone in our face, you are defying us, so we will disrupt the democratic game and we are a compulsory path to electing a president.” This logic It constitutes an absolute overthrow of the principles of democracy. Securing a quorum is a moral and political duty. What remains of Lebanon if the space for freedom and the fundamentals of the democratic game are gone?”

Bou Assi pointed out that the “forces” are sincere in Moawad’s candidacy, and the matter is not a maneuver, but he stressed that “there is something more important than Moawad and Bou Assi and whoever, and it is the supreme national interest. If this approach requires a change, we will change it in consultation with Moawad, adding:” Today, however, the problem does not lie here, nor is Moawad getting 40 or 50 votes, or changing the name and bringing in a candidate who gets more than 65 votes. Rather, the problem lies in their absolute rejection of democratic constants. Here is the danger.”

He added, “The nomination of the person we want is the right process. Let the strongest win. But there is an intention to disrupt the elections and blow the quorum, which is unacceptable. There is utter disregard for the position of the presidency on the part of the Free Patriotic Movement, Amal, and the party by disrupting the elections while they are trusted.” as elected representatives of the constitution.

In response to a question, he replied: “If Article 49 of the constitution needs interpretation, then that is the prerogative of the General Assembly of the Parliament, and it is not the prerogative of a specific party, neither President Nabih Berri nor the Lebanese Forces nor anyone.”

Bo Asi also pointed out that “besides the opposition forces that vote for Moawad, there are representatives of the “Forces of Change” and representatives of the “National Moderation” bloc, and we have no choice but to communicate with them and try to convince them to follow Moawad. They are not blocs according to the classical meaning of parliamentary blocs.I do not know why the “National Moderation” bloc still insists on voting for “New Lebanon” and “What are we waiting for?”

He continued: “I repeat that if the supreme national interest requires abandoning Moawad’s candidacy, he is not sticking to his candidacy, and we will coordinate with him and work on a candidate with greater chances of winning. Unfortunately, in Lebanon, there are those who are waiting for the ‘password’.” During the time of the Syrian occupation, it has become accustomed to waiting for the position of the outside. It creates confusion within his ranks instead of unifying the ranks.So the importance of what we did with Michel Moawad’s candidacy is that we took the initiative to nominate a candidate, so we did not wait for a password and did not fall into a political “coma”.

Bou Assi pointed out that “the March 8 team is throwing white papers as smoke bombs in order to hide its confusion and embarrassment,” explaining: “It is in trouble, it does not want to nominate Gebran Bassil, but at the same time it does not want to lose him and the Christian cover it secures for him.” With the challenge candidate.” I want to ask them, “Are you afraid of the challenge, and yesterday you were bragging about 100,000 fighters, 100,000 missiles, the size of your parliamentary bloc, and your enjoyment of significant power?”

In response to a question about the “forces” securing the quorum, even if that leads to a candidate from “March 8”, he replied: “It is not possible to say, “I only secure the quorum for the election of Samir Geagea.” Rather, I secure the quorum for electing a president, and this is respect for the spirit of democracy. Congratulations to him, we may suspend for one or two sessions to verify the seriousness of this majority, but we respect the democratic process.So the repeated suspension for the seventh time by the “March 8” team is a process of blackmail under the title “Either you elect candidates when you announce them, or you strike the work of the institutions.”

He continued, “We are also working with all our energy to deliver a candidate who does not look like March 8. We want a savior, reformist, sovereign president who is democratically elected. Is anyone who respects the democratic mechanism complicit? The national interest requires attending the sessions, and we secure the quorum for the “presidency” and not for a specific candidate. Another We consider that the new president will “protect the back of the resistance.” What kind of resistance are we talking about?
Regarding the possibility of agreement between Bassil and the “forces” to block the road to Franjieh’s arrival, he answered: “I very much rule out the agreement with Basil, although it must not be certain, because with politics all matters are open. But the previous experience with him was disastrous from the Maarab agreement to today, and we have no inclination to repeat it.” As for reconciliation with the “Marada” movement, we will preserve it with our eyelashes, but there is no agreement with Franjieh, as our political path is opposite to his path and line.

In conclusion, and on the nature of the French and Saudi view of the presidential election, Bou Assi explained that the French position is distinguished from the Saudi position, as the French says, “No candidate, no veto,” while the Saudi says, “There is no candidate, but with a veto on a candidate from March 8,” adding: “ However, if a candidate from this team arrives, Saudi Arabia will certainly not confront him by sending fleets, but communication with Lebanon will remain cut off and support, of course.

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