Who is Rihanna’s Saudi husband Wikipedia?

Who is Rihanna’s Saudi husband and Wikipedia, whose association with a young Saudi national has spread in the Kingdom, many citizens around the world are searching to get to know the husband of the famous activist Rihanna, who is famous for his obsession with being associated with celebrities and separating from them, as many Western media considered him A Hollywood celebrity amidst these relationships, and the social networks of the leading site were active in knowing Rihanna’s previous relationships with men, amid the latter’s announcement of the news of her pregnancy, with her first child with her boyfriend, A $ AP Rocky, and based on the above, he will present you with all the personal aspects, Details about Rihanna and her Saudi husband.

Who is Rihanna’s Saudi husband Wikipedia?

Rihanna’s husband is a Saudi citizen, businessman Hassan Jamil, at the age of 33. He was born in Riyadh on October 22, 1988. He is the middle son of the children of the famous businessman, Muhammad Abd. He obtained a high school diploma during the year 2001, in the Japanese capital, and after graduating from Sophia University in Tokyo, trained in the Japanese company Toyota Motor in its department devoted to the philosophy of Kaizen learning, returned to the Kingdom and held the position of CEO and Vice Chairman of the Abdul Latif Jameel Economic Group since 2004, then moved to London to continue after completing his postgraduate studies, he obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration from the London Business School, where he currently holds several prestigious positions in addition to his participation in the management of many charities inside and outside the Kingdom.

Who is Hassan Jameel Biography

Hassan Jameel is considered one of the most important Saudi personalities in the world of finance and business. Below is a list of the most important biographical facts of Hassan Jameel, which are as follows

  • His full name is Hassan bin Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel.
  • The mother’s name is not known.
  • The pseudonym is Hassan Jamil.
  • Job title Businessman.
  • Date of birth October 22, 1988 AD
  • Place of birth Hassan Jameel was born in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.
  • Place of residence Hassan Jameel resides in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.
  • Age 33-34 years old.
  • The astronomical sign, Hassan Jamil, was born in the sign of Libra.
  • My nationality is Saudi.
  • Religion and Faith Islam.
  • The sect is Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.
  • Marital status divorced / divorced.
  • Name and nationality of ex-wife Robyn Rihanna Fenty – Barbados.
  • There are no children.
  • Education Level Master of Business Administration.
  • Mater London Business School.
  • Arabic mother tongue.
  • Other languages ​​Fluent in English and Japanese
  • Business handles a list of senior management positions.
  • Years in the Business Hassan Jameel began his career in 1993 – to date.

Who is Hassan Jameel’s wife?

In 2012, Hassan Jameel married Tunisian Lina Lazar, a critical artist and expert in contemporary international art, and works at Sotheby’s auction house. Saint Michael, apart from her relationship with Britain’s Naomi Campbell.

How rich is Rihanna?

Forbes business magazine estimated Rihanna’s wealth at $ 1.7 billion, placing her fourth on the list of the richest stars in the world according to the 2012 classification, as her earnings between May 2011 and May of the following year exceeded 53 percent of millions of dollars, but she fell in 2014 to the level Eighth in the ranking, then her name disappeared from the top ten in the following years, and it is noteworthy that Rihanna was chosen as one of the hundred most influential people in the world in 2013, thanks to the award they are, the honorary empire “Ikon” in addition to other valuable music awards.

Hassan Jameel’s relationship with Naomi Campbell sparked controversy in the UK, where he dated her in 2016 before hooking up with Rihanna, the latter of whom was around 18 years old, local British newspapers reported.

Hassan Jameel official Instagram

Hassan Jameel owns his own official account on the social networking site Instagram, followed by more than 51,000 followers, all of whom are fans and admirers of him, and followers of his work, which is almost devoid of charitable works, but it is personal, with little interaction and activity in the world of social media, so the His lack of posts and interaction with followers is minor compared to his famous counterparts, and you can visit Hassan Jameel’s Instagram and watch his content directly “”.

Rihanna’s Instagram account

The multi-talented artist, Rihanna, is considered one of the most popular users of the Instagram platform, with an account that has exceeded the mark of 118 million followers worldwide, and you can visit Rihanna’s Instagram and view her content directly “”.

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