Trump.. Is he tweeting outside the Republican squadron?

Trump.. Is he tweeting outside the Republican squadron?
Trump.. Is he tweeting outside the Republican squadron?

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Since former US President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the oval chair in the 2024 election cycle, the world has entered into a whirlwind of winning and losing accounts, in a game that is repeated every four years in which some see a useless headache, while the majority see it as a superior model for practicing Democracy, not to mention the link between the interests of many countries of the world and its results.

Trump’s candidacy himself adds more excitement this time, and he was removed from the White House as a result of the 2020 elections, and he continues to accuse his opponents of falsifying its results.

In addition, the escalation of the confrontation with his opponents from the right resulted in sharp divisions, whether at the level of the Republican Party that he leads, or at the level of American society with its mosaic composition, which is the most important thing, to the extent that talking about the threat of an American civil war has become normal and perhaps common.

In terms of the party that suffered losses in the midterm elections, Republicans are facing an existential dilemma over who leads the party after Trump. A report by the “Washington Post” newspaper said: The disappointing election results added to Trump’s defeat in the 2020 elections in the accumulation of pressure within the party’s institutions in order to search for an alternative. There is a group of Republicans trying to sideline Trump and focus on a new generation of party leaders.

Criticisms and accusations

Trump is facing a wave of criticism even from his conservative allies, who have begun to question the feasibility of continuing to lead the party, and say that his infuriating political slogans are the reason for failure in three consecutive election cycles.

The Democrats’ control of the US Senate also sparked mutual accusations within the Republican Party. Trump’s critics blamed him for the poor performance of the Republican candidates, and other Republicans criticized their Senate leader, Mitch McConnell.

Trump’s candidacy move comes at a time when his political balance has reached a lower level than it was in his first presidential bid during 2015-2016. But he remains a force to be reckoned with in Republican circles.

To know Trump’s political standing, it is sufficient to follow the reactions to his announcement of the 2024 candidacy. Many Republican elected officials and conservative media figures met the announcement with many questions.

Trump’s ad won the support of very few elected officials on Capitol Hill, in a situation reminiscent of his first bid in 2015-2016, when Trump initially gained little support from lawmakers in Congress. The difference this time, however, is that Trump is the former leader of the party that most Republican members of Congress endorsed in 2020 instead of being a political newbie as he was seven years ago.

The Rise of De Santis

And it appears that a number of senators support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and this is important because the endorsements of party officials have historically been linked to the success of the presidential primaries. We note here that a lack of support did not prevent Trump from winning in 2016, and it may not be the case this time either.

Trump faced more than a dozen rivals who shared the support of the conservative political class. This is especially a problem in the Republican primaries; Where the candidate has to get it all or nothing. Trump needed less than half the GOP vote to quickly muster a lot of delegates in 2016. He may not have a chance to scatter opponents in the 2024 cycle. The only clear challenger to Trump at this point is Ron DeSantis.

Perhaps the greatest danger for Trump is the rise of the governor of Florida. He’s doing better in early national polls than any candidate outside Trump’s constituency has done in most rounds of the 2016 primary.

In his home state of Florida, Ron DeSantis is leading Trump in almost every poll. A CNN poll conducted on the day of the Florida midterm poll revealed that more Republicans want De Santis to run in 2024 than Trump.

De Santis’ advantage in Florida is particularly important for a number of reasons, in addition to the fact that the state is home to a large number of Republican delegates, who are likely to give the man the chance to have it all.

If DeSantis is floated after Republicans get to know him better around the country, his shares in getting a higher positive rating than Trump nationally among Republicans familiar with the two men will increase.

But Trump’s problems go beyond party officials and opinion polls. He was able to challenge in 2016 because he received so much media attention that he became the only contender for the Democratic nominee.

This time, it won’t be so easy. De Santis has shown a knack for garnering a lot of media attention, after appearing on Fox News. While Trump’s name was only mentioned on page 26 of the New York Post run by Rupert Murdoch, the day after his announcement in 2024.

GOP leaders fear that if Trump wins the party’s primary, he will have to win the general election, which will not be easy, as the 2022 midterms showed.

Trump’s presence was one of the main reasons for the Democrats’ surprising performance in the midterm elections. With his frequent headline-grabbing and eccentric behavior, he helped derail what is usually a key advantage for the opposition party in the midterm elections if there is a deeply unpopular president in the White House.

In the midst of this picture, Trump’s move seems more exciting, so will he run in the elections in isolation from the decision of the Republican Party?

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