Algeria has put in place all the mechanisms to protect women and upgrade their status

Algeria has put in place all the mechanisms to protect women and upgrade their status
Algeria has put in place all the mechanisms to protect women and upgrade their status

ALGIERS- Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues, Kawthar Krikou, confirmed today, Thursday in Algiers, the state’s keenness to put in place all mechanisms to protect women and upgrade their status in society, calling for the need to educate women about protection mechanisms and sensitize society to the negative effects of violence against women.

In a speech during her supervision of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which falls on November 25, Mrs. Kreiko explained that “the state has worked through national programs to upgrade the status of women in society and empower them with their rights and put in place mechanisms to protect and provide for those in a difficult social situation, especially legal ones By amending the Penal Code in 2015, which introduced important additions and criminalized violence in all its forms.

She added that this endeavor was reinforced in the year 2020 and by instructions from the President of the Republic to “constitutionalize the protection of women in Article 40 of the 2020 Constitution, whereby the state renewed its commitment to protecting women from all forms of violence in all places and circumstances, and ensured that victims benefited from sponsorship services and judicial assistance, by accompanying service and media organizations, especially civil society actors, as well as encouraging them to self-employ by creating income-generating mini-activities after obtaining specialized vocational training.

In this context, the minister mentioned what the “neighborhood cells of solidarity, which number 276 cells across the national territory, are doing to monitor the concerns of women and families, especially those living in remote areas,” stressing in this regard the “keenness” of her sector to intensify the preventive aspect and awareness-raising work with the aim of eliminating violence in all its forms. its forms, especially through “making women aware of social and legal protection mechanisms, and sensitizing society to the negative effects of these behaviors.”

For her part, the Director of the United Nations Population Fund’s office in Algeria, Faiza Bendris, praised “the progress made by Algeria in combating all forms of violence and discrimination based on gender,” considering “the relevant Algerian law is among the most advanced at the Arab level.”

In this regard, Ms. Bendris indicated that “Algeria has made great political, economic and legal progress in favor of women and girls, but challenges still exist, including continuing efforts to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable women.”

By the way, the intervenors, such as the head of the National Council for Human Rights, Abd al-Majid Zaalani, and the head of the Health, Social Affairs, Labor and Vocational Training Committee of the National People’s Assembly, Riad Khallaf, highlighted the legal mechanisms provided by the state to protect women from forms of violence, by expanding criminalization and tightening penalties in addition to The use of new terminology reflects – according to them – the state’s strong intervention to ensure real protection for women.

In the same context, the head of the National Observatory for Civil Society, Abd al-Rahman Hamzawi, focused on the tremendous efforts of the state in combating violence against women at all levels, and the role of civil society in combating this phenomenon and raising awareness of its dangers.

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