Who is Salem Al-Dosari’s wife?

Who is Salem Al-Dosari’s wife?
Who is Salem Al-Dosari’s wife?

Who is the wife of Salem Al-Dosari, after she stole the spotlight in her presence on the grounds of Lusail Stadium in order to encourage her husband in the international match against the Argentine national team, which drew great attention to her and her daughter in order to support her husband and stand by him in the most important event in his football history, which made him the most prominent player in the national team The Saudi is currently under the limelight.

Who is Salem Al-Dosari’s wife?

The question that made the Saudi player Salem Al-Dosari headline the trend a few days ago, is the appearance of his wife, who enjoyed charming aesthetic features that made many of the interactors want to know her and what is her nationality, and access to the most important information related to her private life, is a woman who holds Saudi nationality, whom he married in 2015 However, Salem kept information about his wife, and did not want to disclose to the media, and she gave birth to a single daughter, “Lama”, whose name is Ashwaq bint Sultan Al-Omair, a well-known Saudi businesswoman who appeared for the first time when her husband opened their own bakery in Saudi Arabia.

Who is Salem Al-Dossary on Wikipedia?

Salem Al-Dosari is a famous Saudi player who holds Saudi nationality, and he was born in Jeddah. Salem now plays in a position next to Al-Hilal Club, which became part of the team in 2011, but he underwent several trainings before joining the team, and his colleague Munif Shahrani helped him to reach Al-Hilal Club, and she was the first His match with Al-Hilal against the club Nasr Salem left and joined Villarreal, but in 2019 Salem returned to Al-Hilal club. Salem Al-Dosari was one of those who chose to participate in the 2018 World Cup.

The most prominent successes of Salem Al-Dosari

He succeeded in performing his distinguished role, making his name shine in the sky of the fame of the football world, and he was among the final squad for the Saudi national team, and one of his most important victory was his contribution to the victory over the Egyptian national team after he scored a second goal at the last moment in the match, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia included Many young talents in all fields, especially the field of sports, which football has become has a large fan base that occupies the first ranks among other types of sports interested in it and allows many clubs to join.

The most important matches in which Salem Al-Dosari participated

Salem Al-Dosari was among the distinguished players, as his name shone in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques after he scored the goal of Nasr, and he also participated in the Asian Cup and played the match, but he managed to win by shooting a third goal, which led to the Falcons’ victory, as a result of 4 against, and he was eliminated and counted as the fifth Saudi player who managed to pay A goal in the World Cup in Asia, and he is one of the most highly skilled players in kicking goals in football, who achieved success and wide fame for him in the center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Salem had the great credit for their victory in both the Saudi national team and Al Hilal club, where he had a contribution The largest to qualify the Saudi national team for the World Cup, where it won several cups.

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