Who is Vivien Diaye and how old is she?

Who is Vivien Diaye and how old is she?
Who is Vivien Diaye and how old is she?

Who is Vivian Diaye and how old is Vivian Diaye, social networking sites are abuzz with the name Vivian Diaye, and many tweeters are wondering about her identity, who is Vivian Diaye and how old is she? Questions have grown about her private life in light of her current presence alongside her husband, under whose leadership the national team embarks on its journey To the World Cup, her burning tears had an emotional impact on the Saudi street after Al-Akhdar’s first and historic victory over Argentina, which will be recognized by reading the most important biographical data.

Who is Vivien Diaye and how old is she?

Vivian Diaye is a Senegalese businesswoman, her exact age is unknown, but it is estimated that she is in her late fifties, and she has her own company in the Kingdom of Morocco, where she runs a sporting goods store in the city of Casablanca, and Vivian Diaye’s net worth is estimated at about one million US dollars, and she is married with children She runs her own business, currently living between Casablanca and Riyadh.

Biography of Vivien Diaye

Vivian Diaye is considered one of the most prominent Senegalese businesswomen with world renown, and in her field of activity she has benefited from close relations with the sports community, and the following is the most important information about the identity and biography of Diaye, which is

  • First and last name Vivien Day – in French “Vivien Day”.
  • Parents unknown.
  • Date and place of birth Born in the seventies of the last century in France.
  • Nationality Senegalese – French.
  • Marital status qualified.
  • The number of children is 3 in a.
  • Profession is a business woman.
  • Education level is unknown.
  • French mother tongue.

Who is Viviane Deye’s husband on Wikipedia?

Vivien Diaye’s current husband, Hervé Renard, is a 54-year-old French athlete who was born in the city of Axelles on September 30, 1968 AD. He is active as a football coach and trains the first national team for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of 2022 AD. He started his sports career as a player in local clubs in 2022. 1983, but soon devoted himself to training courses, and his first activity as an international certified trainer was in 1999.

Who are the children of Vivien Diaye?

Vivian Diaye has three children from her ex-husband, Bruno Luca Felix Metsu, the “late French football coach” who died in 2013 due to complications from cancer, nine years, knowing that the latter appeared several times with her husband, Renard, and his three children from his ex-wife (Candide – Audrey – Kevin).

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