Who is the player who died standing on the field?

Who is the player who died standing in the stadium, the player who mourned all football lovers and followers, and who died the player in the green rectangle in the stadium, the player is considered one of the best and most prominent football players in the world, he won many different awards and titles throughout his sports career in The world of football, in a match that gathered sadness and hope and achieved a great and prestigious victory in one of the World Cup matches that brought together the Italian national team and the Brazilian national football team, where an Italian player missed the penalty kick that revives the hopes of the players and fans of the Italian national team to recover and sit weeping saddened by the loss of this opportunity and therefore we will meet Of the player who died sitting in pain on the field.

Who is the player who died standing on the field?

And the player who died of crying in the stadium is the Italian soccer player Roberto Baggio, and the story began when the Italian team faced the Brazilian team in the World Cup Final No. 15 of 1994 AD, hosted by the United States, America, which ended with the victory of the Brazilian team on penalties, with a score of 3-2. The player was chosen Roberto Baggio took the last shot in the penalty shootout, and after wasting two shots from the Italian team, Baggio advanced to pay his last shot, which revives the Italian team’s hopes for another return, but his shot passed over the crossbar to announce the victory of the Brazilian team in the 1994 World Cup.

Who is Roberto Baggio Biography

Below we show you the most important information about the Italian soccer player, Roberto Baggio

  • My name is Roberto Baggio.
  • English name is Roberto Baggio.
  • Place of birth Caledonio, Italy.
  • Date of birth February 18, 1967 AD
  • Age 55 years.
  • Height 174 cm.
  • Nationality He holds Italian citizenship.
  • Buddhism.
  • Profession: Retired player.
  • Offensive line play center.
  • Parents Club Vicenza Club.
  • The Italian national team.
  • Italian Language.
  • Years of activity from 1982 AD until retirement in 2004 AD.

How old is Roberto Baggio?

The player Roberto Baggio is 55 years old, he was born in the Italian city of Caledonia on February 18, 1967 AD, he holds Italian citizenship, he embraces the Buddhist religion and currently lives in Italy, and Bago has been a player for the Italian language, the national team since 1988 AD, and plays in the attacking position where he participated In 56 international matches for the national team, he scored 27 goals during his international football career.

The wife of the player Roberto Baggio

The wife of the Italian player Roberto Bago is Mrs. Andrina, and Bago got married at an early age after a love story that brought them together for several years.

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